A lot of the NBA thinks Kawhi Leonard is gone no matter what Raptors do – Brian Windhorst | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Tracy McGrady and Brian Windhorst of The Jump play “Make or Miss,” talking about CJ McCollum’s handles in Portland Trail Blazers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, Gary Payton seeming unimpressed at the Thunder vs. Blazers game, stepbacks from Lillard and Jamal Murray in Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs, and Toronto Raptors fans supporting Kyle Lowry when he scored his first points vs. the Orlando Magic in Game 2. They then (2:46) talk about whether Lowry will bounce back in this series and the rest of the 2019 NBA playoffs, and (4:38) the future of Kawhi Leonard with his impending NBA free agency.

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  1. The title of this video is a gross misquote smh come on ESPN you are turning into a joke. Then again Rachel Nichols having a show is a joke in itself.

  2. when are espn going to have to deal with consequences of constantly making stuff up? every indication is that kawhi will stay, but more to the point, no one, not even kawhi, whos what is going to happen

  3. Funny thing about a guy like Kawhi Leonard…. he doesn't care to be told what to do, the more the US media tells everyone where Kawhi will go, the more likely he will do the opposite. He likes it in Toronto, he likes the City. He likes the vibe and the way he's treated. He likes the franchise, and how the treat him. These guys are ALL talking like they know whats in his head, they don't. This stuff is all fluff.

  4. As far as T-Mac goes. This guy is on record whining about how he made a mistake leaving Toronto, he changes his opinions like the wind…. yawn.

  5. This is ESPN clip is absolute click-bait garbage… one has to watch the rest of the crap to get to the discussion on Kawhi… absolute garbage…

  6. "he kinda wants to be in the West" "he doesn't articulate what he wants" "noone really knows" I love how they aren't contradicting themselves at all.

  7. Even if he leaves he will have left the Raptors with a championship this year. Going forward with the emergence of Pascal the Raptors are still beasts.

  8. These are idiots, espn is rediculas. So brutal the best thing about Kawhi is he is going to do what he wants to do. Lowery is a beast everyone has a so so game once in awhile.

  9. lol, that's why he played game 3 sick. especially considering how frequently he took games off in the regular season due to load management. He wants to win and he believes Toronto is the place where he can do it.

  10. Of course a lot of the NBA thinks that. The vast majority of people involved in the NBA are American, and therefore they can’t imagine why an American would “choose” to play in another country, even if it is a great country like Canada, in a city just miles (or kilometres) from the U.S. border. Who knows what he will choose to do, but don’t be shocked if he stays. The Raptors have a fantastic organization, and can offer Kawhi the most money. Just because Kawhi is from California and has a home there (as most athletes do have a home near their home town), doesn’t mean he’s going to play there.

  11. Tracy ran to a bigger market and couldn't win shit so did his cousin there hating cause its something they couldn't do

  12. Kawhi needs to stay with Toronto, if he ever wants a chance to win a Championship. He will never win one in LA, w/ Le Bum.

  13. Watching these videos on YouTube , they only want the big name players in maybe 6-8 cities. Producers are giving them orders clearly. Should eliminate 22 teams and see if the producers like their over all revenues tanking. Total morons thinking like it's 30 yrs ago.

  14. Tracy McGrady is such a b#!#h, he's so overrated… don't know why he's always hating on @Raptors and their players. Not because you up and leave don't think Kawhi is going to do the same as you.

  15. I'm a spurs fan but I hope Kawhi stays in Toronto cause it seem like the fans love him ! 😁👍But one thing I learned in San Antonio is that Kawhi can't be trusted ! But good luck !

  16. How silly, poor people, who cares if he stays or goes, Rsptors have a mediocre mentality. Of course He's going. Raptors only other above average player is Siakam.
    Raptors don't have a chance to even get to the conference finals. And Kawhi is good but not top 5.

  17. I,m amazed at how "fat boy Brian" and T mac, aka "swami" can get inside the head of Kawhi and actually know where he will be playing next year!! Maybe the raptors should load up with the superstar free agents and create a super power of the north?

  18. I wonder how Vince Carter will treat the Raptors after retirement.

    Hopefully not like McGrady, who is just a selfish self-centered mofo.

  19. It doesn't matter what "most of the NBA thinks" about Kawhi staying or going. As Brian Windhorst said, Kawhi "does not really articulate his feelings" to anyone and "it's difficult to read." He and T-Mac think Toronto needs to win the finals for Kawhi to stay. Rachel thinks they need to win the ECF. And, a couple of weeks ago on his podcast, Windhorst said he wasn't so sure Kawhi would leave Toronto, and I think it was Tim Bontemps who said on that same pod, that he had never seen Kawhi so happy as he is in Toronto – that he said everything was "amazing." So really, who knows? No one does. Even Kawhi said that he hasn't decided yet – on Serge Ibaka's web series two weeks ago. Should we take Kawhi at his word? Or should we listen to what everyone else guesses, these people who admit Kawhi doesn't talk to almost anyone and is unknowable.

    Oh, and by the way, that was not a "Bronx cheer" for Kyle Lowry''s first point of the series. I was at the arena, we were legitimately happy for him. Much of the fanbase loves Lowry. Blue collar player. Gritty. Tough.

  20. A lot of the NBA… ESPN Shut the fuck up this is why I’d rater watch RBTheBreakthrough over you retards🤦🏾‍♂️

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