Are the Thunder the biggest threat to the Warriors? | NBA Countdown

Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups both say the Oklahoma City Thunder are the biggest threat to the Golden State Warriors because of their defense and size. Paul Pierce says the Thunder need another superstar if they want a chance against the Warriors.

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  1. okc will be a legit threat gsw! just trade westbrick aka stat padder. westbrick dont care about winning as long as he gets his 3ple double. very low iq all athletism player. replace him with kahwai, kyrie or AD

  2. what happen to gsw in regular season doesnt matter as long as they go to the playoffs…what their do most of the time was experimenting plays, player combination, players playing time, bench playes playing time, scouting opponents weaknesses…see how kd plays, relax and assisting and perfecting his shooting spot…their just getting ready for the playoffs…

  3. I don’t think so okc always do this regular season they play good or decent playoffs come they get sent home same shit different year I’m sorry but Westbrook just not good enough and it’s his fault why stat chasing and money chasing some players play to win most players play for money it’s simple

  4. They said the same thing last year when they had the Big 3. First round out. They said CP and Harden wouldn't work. Rockets took GS to 7 in WCF, with 1 all star.

  5. OKC is not even a top 3 contender in the West. They have Westbrook, the lowest IQ superstar in the NBA. OKC will never win a ring with him, even with PG13 playing at MVP level.

    1-Warriors; 2-Bucks; 3-Rockets; 4-Raptors; 5-Celtics; 6-Lakers; 7-76ers; 8-OKC

  6. Lies they don’t need that many superstars all they need is a shooter with defense maybe even a better bench but 4 superstars is extreme

  7. Can these niggas get out the first round before we start saying they can challenge 2 top 3 players of all time at their position 😂😂

  8. Like bro Paul George is having a career year and it’s not even necessarily better than kds who’s having an average year (or what we expect from him)😂💀

  9. Yea we're still their biggest threat but gotta wait in a couple days to see what we do at the trade deadline. Right now i dont see us beating the Warriors. Maybe force 6 games if we're lucky but not beat. We need help before the trade deadline.

  10. Nah its the Lakers.

    Also the Lakers are talking to the Bucks about acquiring Giannis.

    Yea they're gonna send Milwaukee; Lonzo, his dad, the rights to Robert Horry and a $HIT TON of cash.

  11. I can’t wait to see gsw & okc play each other in the p.o. Okc will crush them like they always do. I wanna see donkey green and cousins throw their fits 😂

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