Best of the Toronto Raptors! | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Relive the top moments from the Toronto Raptors run to the NBA Finals!

Tune-in to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, May 30th 9pm/et on ABC!

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  1. 1st the shot then the 4 game streak and now the dethroning of a dynasty. Don’t believe it? Stay tune cause defence always beats offence

  2. Raptors won their 100 post season game to reach the finals. It’s like they were meant to be swept by LeBron and the Wiz back in 2014 😂

  3. Check my channel for some insight about Kawhi Leonard from the perspective of a diehard Spurs fan. Much love, no hate

  4. Its awesome to see Raptors Highlights without American media saying how they aren't going to do anything.

  5. Clips summary — 32 Highlights

    KL = 17
    Siakam = 10
    Others = 5

    I was bored in class, so don’t judge. Just showing how much KL has done, and how the rest of the team has followed him and stepped up as well

  6. Even though many are counting the raps out against the warriors, let's face it, the raps are one of the few teams in the east built to give GSW a run for their money for an entertaining finals. Go Raps!!!!

  7. Lol.. this is proof of how boring and bullshit commentary is during the game. Everytime something great, sick, cool, amazing etc happens they are talking about non sense.. i want to hear basket ball talk not the view..

  8. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  9. Let’s Go Raptors! incidentally I was here last night and soooo happy for the Raptors winning the Game 1!! Can’t wait to watch game 2 live here in Toronto Homecourt!!

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