Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.14.2018, NBA Season

Celtics vs Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.14.2018

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  1. Plus we do not need all that offensive fire power in the starting 5 off the bat like that. Spread it out. That way the opposing team gets no rest. We have starting level offensive power on the court all through the game. Look for a balance between defense (specifically an inside presence) and offense at all times on the court… and raise the intensity in the players.

  2. I think we will be better if this is the teams Lineup:
    Kyrie Irving
    Jaylen Brown
    Jayson Tatum
    Al Horford
    Ayron Baynes

    2nd Team-
    Terry Rozier
    Marcus Smart
    Gordon Hayward
    Marcus Morris
    Daniel Theis

    Hope you read this Coach Brad Stevens and the staffs! Look at our stats we need to rebound and defense!

  3. They don't need a scoring point guard. They need one capable of making up in scoring if needed but should heavily look to distribute the ball first. Yeah the team is young and can't put that much pressure. But they have a lot of pieces and need a point that will distribute the ball to maximize everyone's strength. Chris Paul type maybe. Kyrie is being kyrie yes but HE needs to adjust his game in order for his team to win. Instead of 25+ points he should av around 19 and main objective to get taytum going and developed. And get everyone involved. Too much talent to play one person ISO get all the points.

  4. Boston despatch the Bulls whom started the game better and at time open the Boston defence whom really not looking like last year contenders for the NBA championship,Kyrie the playmaker still ? to whether his over that injury that sidelined him towards the End of last season and play offs.

  5. Let’s hope this type of play continues from Boston because their struggles on the road trip was because they were taking to many threes and they aren’t a very consistent three point shooting team quite yet

  6. Soy fan de Celtics y deseo éxito del equipo esta temporada y las que vienen,veo todos hablando de Hayward,en mi opinión deberíamos darle tiempo y paciencia ya que se está recuperando de una lesión grave!!
    Si lo dejan en la banca sería peor,entonces es bueno que le están dando minutos cortos y descanso para que en los playoffs⛹?‍♂️esté bien y vuelva a confiar en su pie otra vez!!!
    No olvidemos que Hayward es un excelente jugador !!!

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