Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 10.27.2018, NBA Season

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Pistons vs Celtics Full Game Highlights | 10.27.2018

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  1. Haywards hair is like riding a 300kph hope blake will not injured this season and drummond will contender for top defensive player

  2. Reggie Ebola Jackson- has very POOR defense- can't wait until his contract expires- buh bye you POS- and say hello to the development league, your overall game is TRASH

  3. Daniel theis in his last three games against the Pistons.

    15 pts 10 rebounds

    19 pts 7 rebounds

    17 points… safe to say he likes playing the Pistons

  4. That play at 2.05 these type of plays should be banned out of the nba. You cant bumped in on purpose to someone and get the foul in your favor

  5. That’s how you play team basketball, not one player on the Celtics roster had 20 pts. If they keep playing like that nobody will beat them.

  6. This is one of or maybe the best Celtics performances in last 5 years,so much talent,the biggest challenge for this club will be to keeep all these players happy(moneywise and minutewise). Williams is a freak ,I mean this boy got some freakish hops

  7. was hoping for a more competitive game from the pistons, from the highlights it seems their defense was not good. Oh well great game by the Celtics.

  8. Williams killed it last night, soon as Hayward gets back to being the player he was on the jazz, and Kyrie being who he was last year, with Tatum And Brown more polished the Cs can definitely beat Golden State

  9. Good to see Hayward getting his groove back, am I trippin or is Morris seriously the most underrated player on the Celtics…..Boston Strong baby

  10. When considering consequences of not doing the little things, you realize there are no little things
    -Coach Brad Stevens

    Kyrie Erving- 5 assists
    Robert Williams III- 3 blocks

    Great job team! Up to the next!

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