Bradley Beal a good trade target for the Rockets | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the Washington Wizards front court and potential fits for Bradley Beal. They also explore the possibility of the Houston Rockets being in the market for a player such as Beal.

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  1. "I know Iggy was dealing with injuries….." no counter-argument from Jalen lol! Of course W's woulda won in 5 with Iggy

  2. Jalen so butt hurt about my Lakeshow. I know why though. He will be forever mentioned in regards to Kobe 81 game😂😂😂. Keep hating homie

  3. Rockets could trade chris paul get john wall. Should motivate wall, get rid of the upcoming medoicre yrs an aging Chris paul will have on a max contract. And give james harden a long term partner to content for titles with

  4. Rockets is already experiencing the CP3 effects, Paying him max is a big mistake because they lost Ariza and MB maute. And CP constant injury. Clippers won the trade of CP3.

  5. I think jalen a little jealous of lebron james when anybody talks about lebron making his team better no matter who the star is the first thing jalen says is it won't work or the person dont fit

  6. ESPN tries to create stories because they want certain teams to be good. Washington doesn't have to trade Beal or Wall.

  7. Rockets losing with melo
    "its melo's fault, a cancer in the locker room, he is done"

    So whats your excuse now rockets?

  8. So you're going to put 3 guys on the floor under 6,6" really and then have eric gordon come off the bench, good luck against teams like milwaukee

  9. I remember when Jalen joined the media. He has become the exact thing he scorched Stephen A & skip for. Bradley Beal denounced his want to be traded RIGHT AFTER this game but of course he forgets to mention that when bringing up the alleged bullshit.

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