[BREAKING NEWS] Did Redskins make a mistake adding Reuben Foster? | Speak For Yourself

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  1. Kap is GONNA WIN… his COLLUSION Suit… ??

    PS: …how can ANY1, HIRE a known
    Felon… with a HISTORY of ???
    …over a QB… who SPOKE
    AGAINST… Police?‍♂️??‍♀️Brutality…
    for ALL… NOT JUST Blacks… but
    made 1-Different Approach… which
    everyone DISAGREED… especially,
    the NON-NFL Fans… of Our ?? and
    Our ??Anthem… come on people…
    does Kap deserve… the FRICKEN,
    continuous BLACK?ing… The NFL
    is doing to his Career⁉️⁉️⁉️… ?

    It's being DISPLAYED… right in
    front, of ALL of our ?????'s

    Kaps Legal Team… probably in a
    HIGHRISE somewhere… having
    ?? & ??… ???ing at this
    by The NFL…

    …to be continued… ?✏??…

  2. All football players including the one that don't make the college or nfl level are mentally off.we are like pitbulls on the field starting at 6 years old were taught to hit and defend home base and don't let anyone piss on your field.What more do you expect from profional players when this is what America has trained those who played the game to be.

  3. Bruce Allen of the Redskin's decision to open his arms to Reuben is heinous and gutless. Bruce Allen is embracing a domestic abuser in an attempt to save his own job.

  4. Marcelus has the most reasonable take on the Reuben Foster situation. Regardless of RF past issues, THIS issue is about an ACCUSATION not a crime. Remember, INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. Is this America or some other country like China? The Redskins are going about their process in the best possible way, bringing him into the organization but waiting until the legal process works itself through before putting him in uniform. Great job Doug Williams.

  5. This is a bad precedent. You dont make excuses for taking in criminally violent people. You let them go and let them get the help they need with the truck load of money they have made

  6. First of all coonlock the accuser stole money using his router number from a check, then she lied about him hitting her openly said she wanted to end his career to make sure he doesn’t get another job, and to all of you who think you know everything the accuser also is very upset that Rueben has another woman and missed out on her meal ticket, so good job redskins, now for the very opinionated people in this post, question ? How many Alabama players are on the redskins ? Do you really think they didn’t ask Reuben if he did hit the accuser ? Of course they did that’s why after 24 hours the skins snatched up the rights think about before you listen to coonlock

  7. Bottom line, leave those whores and thots and gold digging wenches to there own devices, like they say you can run out of money chasing whores but there will never be a shortage of whores chasing money, Samson lost his life over a whore from Moab and John the Baptist lost his head over a whore doing a dance and a Simp Lord king not wanting to look bad in front of his friends, again bottom line, leave those whores and thots and gold digging wenches alone when you are a professional athlete, they only bring you chaos

  8. Not to sound too nitpicky but the phrase "Let go and let God" is not located anywhere in the Bible. I get the concept but that's another famous saying that actually is not Scripture

  9. He was never convicted of anything, the 1st time the woman admitted to lying so therefore why was she not put in jail! Allegations! She should be put in jail

  10. the Skins are not trying to save Foster. they are trying to grab what they think is a great talent for cheap. nothing more, nothing less.

  11. Yes it’s a good move
    People act like women are always innocent or never provoke guys to hit them
    What about women who hit men for no reason

  12. Just because this fucking idiot had a traumatic upbringing does not excuse his actions now, it’s only because he can play football if he was a 2nd stringer he’d be gone, this is just bullshit

  13. Sounds like all Washington is doing is giving him time to get himself together. But they are saying when he does all that he's got a team when he's done.

  14. We just elected Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court with all of those allegations including choking out a woman so why is Reuben Foster supposed to loose his when the judge didn't loose his?

  15. All the players in the NFL who have been convicted of this crime should never been allowed to play in the NFL no what ifs at all

  16. Notice how we dont see these mugshots and analysis of white celebrities for DV. And even when it's athletes, look at how little attention Manziel DV incident got compared to others and he's much more high profile.

  17. If any player carries a bag of dirty clothes anywhere they go, don't expect for your life to get better and can get worst! Supports are great to have, but the player needs to decide he is ready to let go of the bag of dirty clothes!! #RealTalk ?

  18. Nobody is trying to save him.. lol they signed him because he can play football well. If he couldn't play he wouldnt be on a team

  19. Let's cut the PR BULLSHIT… The Redskins are trying to WIN the NFC East and believe that Foster can HELP them do this… Cut the BULLSHIT about 'We don't condone his behavior, he'll have to earn his spot, blah blah blah…" They DO NOT care about the DV, they care about his TALENT

  20. He didn't kneel during the anthem so so what if he beats women. See Kap if you had only beat your girl, you'd still be playing.

  21. Didn’t he also get in trouble before the combine hitting someone at the hospital or something like that? Idk.. I probably wouldn’t give him a chance on my team. There’s a lot of hungry players out there that would love that opportunity

  22. Ray rice is not allowed in the NFL for beating his wife no jail time their together still but not playing but Reuben foster beat a women and facing jail time but allowed to be in the NFL still Hm seam right the best running back in the game is no longer running but everyone is alright for Reuben to play ok thats a positive example for the NFL

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