Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks – Full Game Highlights | Nov 21, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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  1. Luka is a smart player but his lateral movement is slooow. He probably won't get much better there the mavs will just have to compensate for it. What he gives you on offense is good enough that it could work but you will need really good interior D.

  2. Luka is my roty but he kinda looks lost on defence at times , maybe its because the mavs rotation always leaves luka to guard the person furthest from him. But regardless the man has alot going for him, that floater and 3 point shot is at least B- id rate it higher, his dribbling is nice and his passing skills are up there too. Yes his athleticism needs work but with his particular skill set at his height, all he needs is a killer dribble move to shake off defenders and a post game and hell be an allstar.

  3. Mejri so slow must put kleber for his minutes. Barnes cant guard sf and pf matchups. Matthews takes a lot of shots. Barea, harris and luka must be aggressive and set the tone for dallas. Smith jr is so predictable and must play off ball. Still waiting for Dirk's recovery this season. Deandre must embrace the identity being a mavericks to unleash full potential.

  4. Mavericks didn't start back winning until Barnes came back Luka can be our best scorer But Harrison Barnes clearly the Best Player, Luka has more male groupies in Dallas then a gay person this is crazy guess Dallas Is Liberal for real now….

  5. For the moment it looks very good . It is still incoplete , but obviusly the team spirit is better .. This team is curently playing like 60/70 % , LUKA is able to play at a higher level than the curent ! In Slovenija and EU we have already seen this and we just wait for it to be fully adapted to the NBA , then the fireworks are com . Maybe they just rank in play off , where everything is possible ! EXCITING

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