Bucks Take Game 5 to Win Series Over Celtics | NBA on TNT

A balanced attack from Milwaukee proves to be too much for the Celtics in Game 5. The crew examines what it was that led to the Celtics’ demise.

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  1. These playoffs are gonna be soooooo good. Man Kawhi vs giannis in the east and the warriors looking vulnerable with KD's injury. Depending on the severity of kds injury, I think the finals could be wide open. I can't wait!

  2. Kyrie told us everything in the interview. He said he wanted to get back to Boston, instead of saying he wanted to go home. 🤔

  3. I was thinking the same when Charles said, terry has got to be disappointed with his playing time. Sacrificed for the team on the thought that they were doing something great. They all get paid millions but you want a sure thing.

  4. Paul Pierce: "Maybe I should analyze another team…"

    Giannis: "That's also smart."

    Grats to the Bucks.

  5. You don't have to "read through it" with the Celtics. The Celtics players said on the record this season that they didn't like / trust each other and the chemistry was terrible.

  6. If Durant is not available at all in the NBA Finals, the East Winner (maybe the Bucks)has a legit chance at beating the Warriors. Durant is vital as the other option when Stephen is having a "cold night" shooting. And Charles is spot on about the 2019 Celtics. Even with injuries almost all of the regular season, Boston should not be a #5 seed.

  7. Theme song for The Milwaukee Bucks from Milwaukee's own KenzieMar "Mission"…

  8. Durrant being out opens up the finals a whole bunch. An eastern team who ever it is might actually have a chance to win the finals.

  9. Brad Stevens and kyrie Irving. Sad and pitiful.

    Next year
    1. Terry Rozier/Marcus smart
    2. J. Tatum/ Marcus smart
    3. J. Brown/ Marcus smart
    4. Horford/Marcus smart
    5. A. Davis/ Bains

    In the off season get quality young guys that pass dribble and shoot

  10. This is the difference between dubs and celtics, you can see it in their body language, steph and klay is cool with KD doing his thing as long as they win, the celtics however, lol

  11. Honestly I used to be Kyrie. Blame everything on everybody. Don’t take responsibility for my intentional actions. But at some point. If you are KI. You gotta let bitterness go.

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