Celtics not likely to make NBA Finals – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the Boston Celtics’ rough start to the 2018-2019 NBA season, their current struggles and why they likely will not make it to the NBA Finals.

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  1. It was predictable that this would happen. Too many shooters who feeling under pressure to perform taking too many bad shoots. It was inevitable. Too many cooks spoil the broth situation

  2. I hate the dynamic of this show. Jalen is an idiot and has that talking down attitude to jacoby, and it never goes checked because Jacoby has no spine. Just seems like Jalen liking to hear his own voice.

  3. C's are in the same position the W's were in after getting KD, a surplus of talent. The difference is the C's talent is mostly youngsters while the W's had veterans. Unless they can trade Hayward, they should keep this group together. They are the only team in the league with enough talent to maybe challenge GSW

  4. Nobody is taking Horford's contract, and nobody is trading for Irving knowing he can ditch after the season. Rose knows this, he's no dummy, so what in the hell is he talking about? Stop blabbing hot air for the sake of a hot take.

  5. Why doesn't Boston go back to the starting 5 of last year??? Let's face it, Kyrie Irving is a spirit killer for a team. He's doing it in Boston, just like he did it in Cleveland. Gordon Hayward will NOT be back to full force for @ least another year or so. Trade Kyrie, & Gordon. Last year's Boston Celtics really jelled so well. I agree with what Jalen Rose is saying. Our current "marriage" is NOT working, so therefore, time to go our separate ways… Business is Business in Sports.

  6. My offer for Davis if im the celtics is Hayward, Rozier and first round pick . You can possibly throw another pick and/or role player if the Pelicans dont budge on the first one and the Celtics continue to be bad

  7. LOL the last time celtics won was in 2008. My ass there even making playoffs this year. Dumb celtics fans always go full retard "wait until we get kryie and hayward back" ohhhhhhh how the fuck are yall doing now. Honestly the most RETARDED fans in the nba. Fucking waste of oxygen.

  8. I agree with Jalen that they need to move some pieces for bigger pieces, but Kyrie is one of the biggest pieces, when it comes to the playoffs that's the type of guys that matter. They have to move guys like Jaylen Brown, Rozier and Horford, if they can Hayward. Also they don't play defense? That's the only thing they can still do kind of right. They'll figure things out as the season goes on and they'll be a though team to be come playoffs time, trade or no trade. I say that as a Raptors fan, they're a though team to beat, they just can't put their shit together enough offensively to win games constantly. For now it's all on Brad Stevens, sure Horford is not playing as well as last year, but other than that the biggest problem is that his players don't seem to know what the order offensively, who's the number 1 guy and when they get the green light they stop making the right play. If I was him I'd consider playing Smart in place of Brown, he's not always making the right play, but at least he has grit.

  9. You can't build around players like kyrie. He's too selfish. Fact is, he was in a perfect situation in Cleveland. Just like before his injury last season, Kyrie is once again being exposed.

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