Celtics Rally All The Back From A 22 POINT DEFICIT And Win A Thriller In OT | November 8, 2018

Kyrie Irving leads all scorers with 39 points as the Boston Celtics defeat the Phoenix Suns 116-109 in overtime.

DOWN TO THE WIRE ACTION! Check out this end-of-game action in this Fantastic Finish. Tell us who was clutch in the comments!

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  1. But seriously, this requires great understanding of the team and great chemistry to make this happens, you can tell that by just looking at the great ball movement and just knowing where your teammate is going to be at different times. Just entertaining basketball

  2. Celtics fans should be highly concerned by the fact that this comeback was even necessary. The Suns are not a good team, and Boston allowed themselves to be dominated for 3/4 of this game. Boston finally started to score and dismantle the lead when they began moving the ball in the 4th quarter. Boston is in big big trouble if Kyrie decides, against good teams, to dominate the ball early and throttle his team's offence the way he did in the first half of this game. Impressive comeback but very worrysome to the me as a fan. I hope Boston gets things figured out, because they should be wiping the floor with teams like the Suns

  3. as a Warriors fan from the Bay Area born and raised and this Boston Celtics had to go to overtime to beat these Phoenix Suns are you kidding me my Golden State Warriors would have killed him but we lost last night to Milwaukee Bucks but it's one game it's okay but we still top of the Western Conference

  4. The suns coach is to blame. H should have had his guys foul to prevent them even taking a 3. Should have made them shoot free throws and get the ball back to shoot their own. Instead the coach let them run a good play and shoot a clean 3. Smh

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