Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | March 26, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls – Full Game Highlights | March 26, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. Bulls have great commentators, not super biased and very knowledgeable on the Raps (unlike most away commentators believe it or not) but I can't get over them saying ToronTo instead of Torono like we all call the city πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Raptors kept their leading the whole time and there was no need for Lin to play hard, so why so much hatred towards Lin? Garbage? Pls. At Nyk he was great but got injured still made a big contract with Houston and there he was starter of a play off team then starter at LaL then he was a key player at hornets (also a playoff team) then he made a big contract with Nets and was a leader there and got injured. This season he's just recovering from injury. Just remember he wasn't even supposed to be in Nba but he's been here for a decade and making decent money unlike you haters.

  3. pardon my ignorance comment section but does anyone know how the raptors change the color on their floor decal from black to red i'ts probably a stupid question but i'm truly baffled

  4. Jeremy Lin sucks so bad! Raps would be better putting in Nav the super fan…I cringe every time Lin plays…Do everyone a favor and just retire

  5. Note on Raptors Trades: Gasol and Lin not living up to hype.
    Valanciunas: avg 20 pts and 10 boards, other night went 23 and 24
    Wright: tearing it up with 14 pts and 8 assists a game and a few rbds.
    Cabolco: avg 30+ mins a game recently and had first double double.

    Lin: 6, 3, 2 with around .300 shot %
    Gasol: a descent 9 pts 7 rbds 5 ast

    Gasol and Lin just look slow. I love raptors but bucks are the far better team. The Kawai factor is going to need to be deadly to win east.

  6. Great:))))) , Gasol 2, Lin 2 points against Chicago in 40 min .Valanciunas 18, Wright 18 , Coboclo 24 – against Thunder . Masai is a master mind :)).

  7. What are you guys hating on Lin? If someone is going through rough times you have to show support not bring them down even more

  8. The funniest play is Gasol passing to the Bull's bench due to the similar red colour uniform!! This also happens a few weeks ago when Cousin passed to Curry in the bench. I think there should be a rule for players in the sitting area NOT standing around to cause confusion. If they want to sub players, then only do it during time-out or before in-bound. This walking-around the sideline can cause confusion especially when players wear the same color uniforms. Boy, was Gasol ever mad about his turn-over!

  9. Raptors made a big mistake sending Delon Wright to Memphis, they should have sent Norman Powel and Serge Ibaka and this team would be greater

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