Chris Broussard reacts to Wade defending LeBron after criticism of Lakers' season | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the NBA on today’s show. Broussard agrees with Dwyane Wade’s comments about people ‘attacking’ LeBron James because he’s getting older; hear why Skip disagrees and believes LeBron is getting another pass.

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Chris Broussard reacts to Wade defending LeBron after criticism of Lakers’ season | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Heres some numbers, lebron twords the end of the league in shots contests and last on his team yet playing the most minutes, terrible free throw shooting for a peremiter player and terrible in the clutch, the lakers team assist are not top 10 he doesnt move the ball he hunts down assist.

  2. Skip, if you're going to interrupt Shannon with your one-off comments (which almost always have something to do with disparaging Lebron somehow), at least say it loudly so we can at least hear what ONE of you is saying. When you interrupt in that soft voice, which I presume you use to appear "polite," I can neither understand Shannon nor you. If you interrupted a bit louder, I think we'd be able to hear you over Shannon.

  3. lebron kept ending up in the finals (and losing) because he was in the weaker conference lol …now that he's in a strong conference >>> no playoffs

  4. Lebron knows the easiest path to the final: stay in the east conf, of course he played more games, what does that number means. Shannon just got over excited when Skip gave him that number

  5. Shannon got so excited to hear his baby Bron played so many more minutes than MJ at the same age, I swear he almosted busted hahaha

  6. I think if they sign klay Thompson or he sign somewhere else or draymond the Lakers will be ok but if they dont sign a warrior or other top free agent then im concerned

  7. Shannon makes a big deal about lebron playing almost 4 more seasons than Jordan but doesn't bring it up when it comes to lebron having scored more than Jordan and having to play 4 more seasons to do it.

  8. I still don’t see how this defends my dawg. He played more than everyone in ever stat & still only got 3 mf rings. Bron Gotta Do better. If he retire without 6 or 7 rings then he’s #2 player overall by default 💯 he gone be on fire 🔥 next year though 👀 this 💩

  9. Skip: Is he getting older?
    Shannon: Well at one point he was 20, then he was 25, then 30, and this year he get to 35

  10. 10:00 MJ made the Wizards one of the best defensive team in the NBA when he's playing, and on offense he's giving you 20, 25 pts. Lebron's Lakers is one of the worst defensive team in the NBA, even with him playing.

  11. This first time I’ve ever watched this show where skip didn’t fully try and slander lebrons name I am truly impressed

  12. Broussard always tries to be politically correct. Call it like it is, Lebron's got an excuse for all of his mishaps. I'm surprised he didn't wear a leg brace to the post game interview 😂.

  13. Chris B always get here n agree with Shannon on Lebron, but he goes on the other shows like The Herd saying something different….{dude should be dizzy with all that spinning he be doing}

  14. LeBron is still the Best player in the game. Hes just NOT in the playoffs. It happened to Kobe and Jordan when they were the Best players as well. #Facts #TheyJustWantToHateOnLeBron

  15. LeExcuses Excuses Excuses.
    MJ returned to a -500 Chicago Bulls team that wasn’t going to make the playoffs after 18 months away. The Bulls struggled in the first half of the season with a 23–25 record at the All-Star break. However, they received a major boost upon the return of Michael Jordan, who came out of retirement to rejoin the team. The Bulls won 24 of their final 34 games, and finished the season with a 47–35 record, going 13–4 with Jordan back in the lineup.

    Also Jordan played in a much physical era and played 82 games playoffs almost every season and that’s not including playoffs.

  16. To be honest I wasn't expecting a playoff run idk why ppl we're spear heading for playoffs it was more so a rebuild and team experience for the rookies, the trades even Kobe wants the trades to Happen as well

  17. skip keep talking about Jordon 82 games yet bash LeBron for playing more min meaning that his team needed him way more, i mean Jordon is the goat but give Bron his credit

  18. There is facts, LeBron play the same way, the problem is he can't carry a team by himself anymore, need help, not the help the Lakers can sign

  19. Wow celebrating a man who's name was found on the Bio-Genesis doping list, along with his manager Rich Paul no wonder why he has never missed alot of games due to injury……🤔

  20. yes he do he only thank about him self an james is no goning to the playoffs next year an y'all no it why do y'all keep talk about James let talk about teams an players who are goning to the playoffs forget james

  21. So this proves it. Jordan accomplished more with playing less minutes on the basketball court. Also although Jordan didn't play for NBA at early age he played college basketball.

  22. Shannon Sharpe, the reason why LeBron James is doing it is the fact that today NBA is soft. Today's NBA is not the same NBA when THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME MICHAEL JORDAN played. Jordan couldn't run nowhere without being getting checked…come on man

  23. All the retire talk
    Listen when brah leave just whatch how the nba feel
    not just skill all around likeness

  24. Can't keep a dog down forever he and the teams he's had played with showed y'all before and he will again with the current team

  25. Dude always brings up that Jordan didn't play as long as a pro….So he's at fault because he decided to go to college first?
    Please. ♻️✋🏾🛑

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