Chris Paul takes nothing away from Rockets being 3-0 against the Warriors this season | NBA Sound

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Chris Paul knows that the Houston Rockets’ games against the Golden State Warriors in the regular season mean nothing compared to the postseason, despite Houston being 3-0 against Golden State so far this season. He also praises Kenneth Faried for his play since he joined the team.
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  1. I think the rockets are gonna win it all because they play their best basketball against the warriors when their healthy and if they get past the warriors no one else can get them in a 7 game series

  2. Regular season don’t mean shit beat these dudes in a playoff series. Y’all always choke against those dudes when it matters lol. Show me something in the playoffs

  3. Thats the diffrence between a NBA player and someone with a fan mentality. Winning regular season means nothing….All it means is that you qualify for the palyoffs. Winning games in the playoff is a whole diffrent animal.

  4. This guy is an all time great whiny jackass. He is probably dissing them off-cam and doing shimmy shake on a Demarcus Cousins portrait all day long.

  5. They need to start James at point and let CP3 run the whole 2 and 3 until he need a rest
    Play both in 4th quarter to get optimum shots
    Everybody plays great in D’Antoni system

  6. Rockets are scary team with out James Harden
    Every ONE shares ball, plays hard, good D, then when it's clutch time– everyone's still going and can all still attack.

    Harden needs to learn how to help his teammates improve, not just get them involved.

  7. For someone who always plays Mr.Nice guy in all his commercials Chris Paul is possibly the biggest dirtbag on the court and possibly the biggest cry baby after LeBron. I don’t get why he’s such a douche on the court

  8. "Play with trust" Yeah, the Rockets have the keys right now. If they don't beat themselves, they will beat the Warriors.

  9. This guy's think they can beat the warriors, then playoffs come and this team flips the script and you don't even know what switched they flipped. Don't forget this is only regular season

  10. Stop it his bitch ass will be on the bench again when his team needs him most. Ask the Clippers He playing possum fake news

  11. Rockets won 4-0 against the eventual champions Spurs in 2014 this year they need to get pass the fist round playoff first

  12. And the last minute or so of this interview ladys and gentlemans shows why CP3 is this generations best PG and one of the best all time, up there with Magic, Stockton and Nash. Pure oldschool trad PG par excellence, love me some CP3.

  13. when playoff time come Steph and kd and clay will be just like Tom Brady in the 4th !!! Just watch on and cousins !! Haha “ps I’m not a warriors fan

  14. Respect to CP3 for rallying his team to beat the Warriors.. But come play offs issa wrap, we see it every year, Warriors hardly trying during regular season, no motivation what so ever, but then the play offs come and My God do they go off 😅

  15. The rockets can defend when they want to, they started the season rough, but their looking good again, Paul has had bad injury luck in playoffs. I don't care what anyone says, I really Beleive if Paul didn't get injured and griffen, I beleive clippers honeslty going of won a chip, just bad luck. Paul makes so much difference, he's such a amazing old school pg, slows the pace, he's so underrated! They can def upset golden state! But Houston must be healthy.
    They def can compete

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