Cleveland Cavaliers vs New York Knicks Full Game Highlights | 12.12.2018, NBA Season

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  1. I hate the fucking knicks, I'm their fan and they're absolute trash, pisses me off how they can't have shit going! They comeback from 20 down and fuck up, then finally get a lead in the last minute and fuck up again but big time, fuck you Mudiay! Fuck you Knicks! God they're absolute trash! This is the first year I ain't gonna see them play and don't give a fuck, they might as well not win games and get the first pick but knowing the Knicks, they'll fuck that up and win unnecessary games and we'll get another trash ass 8th pick

  2. cedi osman hurting the cavs run he should be replace by clarkson.. everytime the cavs take the lead by 15+ points in 1st half.. all their games when the 3rd quarter starts thats the time they dont know how to make play and score, they give up their lead easily..

    osman and hood should be the 2nd squad.. clarkson and nance should start

  3. This match has a weird reason to being a special match. Knicks has Enes Kanter and Cleveland has Cedi Osman. They are from Turkey. But Enes Kanter is knowing as a terrorist in Turkey. He is member of a terrorist group. This terrorist group is "FETO". This group tried to coup. 600 innocent people killed and +3000 injured. So Cedi Osman is see Enes Kanter as his enemy.

  4. As a Knicks fan that wanted that win I'm like damn mudiay wtf are you doing??‍♀️…. but as a fan that wants a high draft pick I'm thinking man fiz your a sneaky one lol ??

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