Colin Cowherd: Warriors are falling apart without Steph Curry, Talks KD and LeBron | NBA | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd talks NBA on today’s show. Hear why Colin believes the Golden State Warriors go as Steph Curry goes. Plus, Colin lists the reasons why we should stop comparing Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin Cowherd: Warriors are falling apart without Steph Curry, Talks KD and LeBron | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. Colin sounds like you have a personal problem with KD !!! KD could very easily take over any team if he chose to do so !! he knew it was Curry team when he came aboard he not that type of player!! a 7footer that can score at any spot on floor an can lead a fast break an finish defense and offense is unstoppable and single handedly can win games so don't get it twisted!!

  2. Update. I'm looking for Colin videos after the Warriors 3 game winning streak? I know it's been said but Colin thinks if he knocks KD down it lifts LeBron up! It doesn't work as long as KD keeps getting those chips and LeBron doesn't! I agree that Steph is the man. If the truth be told He's the Best player in the league! I don't mean talent wise…Maybe I should say most important player in the league! He created a culture of winning basketball that changed the NBA! I ask one big question. Everyone wants to shove down my throat that LeBron is the Best Player…Best Player…Best Player…Does LeBron play winning basketball? Is one man breaking down the defense and passing to the open man winning basketball in this day and age? Can you hear the faint whispers….shhh…listen….LeBron needs help…..can you hear it? Every year it's the same old song…LeBron needs help….

  3. Cowherd is a bloviating idiot who is constantly attempting to fit reality into his lame narrative. The Warriors are not falling apart – they are adjusting to suddenly losing two starters, including the field general. Even without Curry and Green, the Warriors would still be one of the top teams in the league. Get over yourself. Love how that other guy says "Le BRAAAAAAAHHHHHN".

  4. We re in the mddle of Lebron and Steph Era…..Durant is just in the wrong era..Lebron and Steph are the best player in the league Both dominates in their own different styles..Durant maybe is the 2nd best player to Lebron.Stephs is the best player in his own category.His different.

  5. People always say KD made GSW better but in my opinion, warriors made KD great. I hope the overhype stop completely because Steph still wins games without KD easily but not the other way round. Steph makes it easier for him to flourish.

    1. Join a 73-win Champion team
    2. Make sure the Team has 3 All Star who needs to be Guarded to Spare you from being Double Teamed & Allow you to Score Freely to Pad your Stats
    3. Wait to be Interviewed to Declare "I AM THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!"

  7. Something just came to my mind. Kd is more like Michael Jordan if you think about it! Without pippen, Rodman, grant, phil Jackson and gm krause where would Jordan be? This is why Lebron is better than Michael Jordan on and off the court!

  8. I could never agree more Colin. This is the perfect commentary on the KD/Green tiff & the Warriors temporary decline. Steph Curry is the man, the leader & the biggest key to GSW's legendary success.

  9. Steph curry really Isn't a all around great basketball player He is Just the ultimate Outlier in sports history The Greatest uncoachable Player ever One of a kind his style cannot be in the elated No one is teaching their kids to Take Horse shots Literally Can shoot blindfolded threes People say steph curry changed the NBA to the way it is play today But no one else on the planet can hit 30 foot 3 pointer Consistently every single night Everyone tries but Only 1% of players have success in that is steph curry He is Injury prone And terrible defense Steve Kerr can't even Critique him because the guy makes half court shots on the regular There is literally no way to keep steph curry in the league if his NBA3 point percentage Drops under 43% Ray Allen said this years ago once the legs Don't get that same amount of lift that you started with in the league The shot loses its consistency Ray Allen had a Long career because of his size And his ability to defend along with a 3 point shot Steph curry is smallish and a like Leicester defender so he dam will better shoot 50% from 3 to stay in the NBA Kevin Durant is actually the best player on the Warriors People can talk about thin skin in mental toughness but at the end of the day is about putting the ball through the dam hole an who is the best at it Lebron Is the best leader of men In sports But on a list of all time greats You can name several guys Ahead of him that you want taking the final shot even in his own era Where he got dominated byThe human outlier Steph curry and his horse shots

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