Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018, NBA Season

Mavs vs Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018

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  1. After the game against my Lakers I started watching Mavs games cus I wanted to see if Kleber and Powell had a 1 off game but nah those guys r really the defensive back bone of that team. Wasn’t no fluke game by them I guess ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  2. The Bulls need to stop playing favoritism by keeping Lopez because he is WHITE ! The Bulls need a real center and make Carter a power forward he is not a 7 footer and he will make a good power forward

  3. Bulls offense seems to be getting worse. Those low level IQ shots, bricking 3s and still shooting them, ball movement is stagnant. Everyone expected defense to be trash but the offense is trash also, can we please fire hoiberg starting to think him and paxson got some closet man love for each other.

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