Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018, NBA Season

Mavericks vs Rockets Full Game Highlights | 11.28.2018

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  1. I told y'all the Rockets are a pre playoff showteam…with MR potential MVP who leads his team only to a point to impress the owners and then they climax, rock back and high five each other as CP tries to get healthy..Same every year. Harden, you cant fool me….BTW. I did not see Melo around recently???.Lol

  2. My maverick aren't looking bad were young but we have enough veteran presence and Dennis smith is balling and I think we need maybe a better 2 guard I love Wesley but if we had him plus maybe a like a Covington shit if j.r smith would play right I'd take him

  3. thought the Mavs were supposed to be trash, even with Luka — they're becoming a real threat– Luka, sure, playing better than we all thought, but the whole team is syncing well– the ball handling and passing was smooth this game

  4. Luka so going to be rookie of the year — look at that shot at the end of the 1st half! — I can't even name another rookie who even comes close to being near him — of course, Luka does have a slight advantage– playing in the Euroleague gets you more experience than college basketball, but still, It's not the NBA, you have to come and play with the best, and Luka is holding his own with the best- reason alone for rookie of the year

  5. I swear I hate Harden's 1-2-3 step. It doesnt look weird- it is just plain travel no matter what anyone says. He has the ball in both hands and does 3 steps. He is basically doing a walz.

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