Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets – Full Game Highlights | Nov 28, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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  1. The best thing about a Rick Carlisle team is when there are enough good team players; he will get good results. It is not a surprise that the Mavs have accumulated very similar talent skills (even some of the very same players) as the 2011 team. Cant wait to see what is in store when Dirk returns in January…

  2. They were driving past Harden like he missed the bus. Maybe he abstains from defense because of his beliefs. If that's the case, he certainly is unwavering in his dedication to defensive celibacy lol

  3. The Hawks will regret the decision to let go of Doncic for all eternity, Trae Young is fucking garbage. I hated the Chris Paul max contract and now Morey might be hating it too, fucking stupid

  4. Damn alot of frustrated Rocket Fans I can understand why you guys feel that way but this Mavericks team is good they beaten good teams and are starting to play well together but I can understand why you guys think the way you think right now.

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