Dallas Mavericks vs OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | March 31, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Oklahoma City OKC Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks – Full Game Highlights | March 31, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. I’m excited for okc vs warriors. With shortened lineups it’ll be interesting matchups with the length and athleticism okc has on defence. The only shot okc will have would be if somehow Westbrook turns into a great shooter because we all know he will keep shooting no matter how bad he shoots it

    It’s mindblowing to me that he shoots so many 3s as a terrible 3 point shooter this year. He should take a ben Simmons approach to his offence and maybe take open corner 3s and that’s it

  2. Wow, OKC went from a seemingly strong 3 seed to an 8th seed. From deep playoff run hopes to, "Well I hope Golden State doesn't sweep us in the first round." The whole 3 seed to 8 seed thing isn't actually that surprising though because OKC had a really easy early season schedule and now their not so easy schedule is revealing their true form. OKC has some issues…for example, Westbrook leads the league in assists per game but OKC is 6th worst in assists per game. I think part of that is that Westbrook's play style is essentially slowing overall ball movement. This ultimately preventing, what could have been, easier baskets. It's not all on Westbrook though, its also bad coaching. Donovan needs to figure out how to run a more team oriented offense. Doesn't make a lot of sense to have the league leader in assists as your point guard but be the 6th worst team in assists per game. I mean that offensive deficiency is great for Westbrook to collect triple doubles, but not great for the team's success in the long run.

  3. LMAO Thunder had 38-20 wins and was 3rd seed and now they are 8th seed with 44-33. WTF from 18 wins more than L's to 11 wins more than L's. Chokelahoma Bricky Bummer

  4. Needed some leadership at the end. Game was within reach but basketball bad decision making cost the game. Next time guys.

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