Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs – Full Game Highlights | Oct 29, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

INTRO SONG: Ron Grams – Whoa (Music Video) – https://youtu.be/pVY_RhazPN4

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  1. I love Demar he's my favourite NBA player, he's kind of underrated even though I know he plays great in the regular season and then doesn't play as good in the playoffs. I really hope Demar and the spurs play good in the playoffs.

  2. Every shot Derozan is taking is a good shot. I’m loving how the spurs system compliments his playing style. Also, running Demar as a distributor is a genius move on Pop’s part. He’s taking less threes, and his game isn’t predicated off of just scoring on isolations. He is getting teammates involved and being really unselfish. Also, he seems to be getting a little bit better at defense!

  3. First of all of Dennis Smith Jr makes that free-throw we win the game nothing against San Antonio Spurs I have 100% respect for the team as a Dallas Texan I Love all the Texas team, but if Dennis make both free throws the game is over that being said Wesley Matthews need to come off the bench with all the rest of the veterans once we start starting Maxi or Powell at the power forward position we will start winning a whole lot more games Rick Carlisle coaching style is really growing old I mean even though Ty Lue had LeBron James he went to three straight finals and lost his job after a 0 – 6 start, if you put another rebounder or person with shot-blocking potential on the court with DeAndre Jordan the Mavericks would be one of the most Unstoppable teams in the NBA, had Harrison Barnes guardes DD this game I promised he would have had 10 or 15 less points Rick Carlisle need to start coaching to our potential or somebody need to fire this man

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