Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers – 1st Half Highlights | Sept 30, 2018 | NBA Preseason

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  1. I thought bron was playing the 4, I know it’s preseason but bron must commit to playing d and moving with the ball. None of that slowing and holding the ball that just lets the defence get into position. Pass and cut, pass and cut pass and cut keep the defence guessing and will open up shots for kcp, Hart, svi etc.

  2. I think this is the time where we see lebron is taking his time with age now. If you watch him now he's not scoring nor is he finishing like he use to.

  3. Lmao. Idiots in the comments. Its preseason. Its a newly crafted team vs a team that’s almost entirely the same with built in chemistry. Put the cheetohs and diet cokes down 😭 It takes time

  4. This is should be what is happening, lebron rotates on the team not the team rotates only on lebron, now lebron should learn what is his real role is and not making lebron the the scorer and let him be like a center who can block and pass that can drive through the basket bec that what i can see best for him, lakers already have a backbone well establish team and should not be required to let lebron do what he usualy do where he makes his team his own team that he orders someone around or do something that he wants to do.

  5. Really weird to see Lebron in a lakers jersey. Gonna take some time getting used to. I don't think this team will mesh Lebron, rondo, lance all of them are ball dominate. Very ball dominate. Lebron likes role players that are not ball dominate

  6. It’s preseason dumb nuts . It’s there actuall first game against other teams besides practice . It takes chemistry and they look amazing . You guys expecting to much let man play basketball and help improve the team . Stop hating because of your lack of success .

  7. Don't forget this is just Game 1 preseason. This is when teams experiment to see what will work and what won't work during the regular season.

  8. Denver back to their 60+points-in-a-half ways. They make it look so easy sometimes. And it looks like Murray's still lethal. If Mason gets more time on the floor the Nuggets will most likely make a playoff appearance this year.

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