Detroit Pistons vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 11.25.2018, NBA Season

Pistons vs Suns Full Game Highlights | 11.25.2018

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  1. Suns looking better and better. Ayton lacks defensive awareness hardcore right now. From body positioning and aggressiveness to playing the zone and crashing to the BALL not so much trying to cut the play off by being in the middle of these passes cause dudes really just lobbing it right over him knowing he's not gonna adjust his body to where the rock GOING rather to where its coming from. Happens with Dre in this game a handful of times. Nonetheless the Suns coming around. Booker looks sharp running the offense. I think we should start JJ at pg though but really playing off Book. That has looked ALOT better lately. This teams gelling but success in wins is connected to my point on Ayton made earlier, and a DECISION at PG. Is book gonna run the offense with an off ball 3 shooter and defense hound at the 1/2 with him? Or we gonna let him develop off the ball with the rookie guards and Jackson at times to oh idk . give free agents an idea of what were trying to do and dev/examine Okobo .We address those 2 things and NEVER allow Canaan on the floor again and we solid

  2. I follow Orlando and Detroit… Been a good year…

    At first i was skeptic because of the size of Griffins contract but if he have prooved himself…

    Also the budget for Detroits next few years are a Work of art… Mark my Words… Detroit Will make noise not next year but the year after…

  3. The refs piss me off every single game I watch. And people wonder why nobody plays defense anymore because the refs won't let them. The NBA is getting way too soft its ridiculous.

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