Devin Booker should give the Suns one more year to get better – Marc J. Spears | The Jump

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Jorge Sedano, Amin Elhassan and Marc J. Spears of The Jump react to Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker barely missing out on scoring 50 points in three straight games, scoring 48 in Suns vs. Grizzlies. They also discuss if the Suns are wasting his talent, and whether or not he should demand a trade if they don’t improve.

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  1. Players need to start putting pressure on these organizations instead of resigning for the larger contracts. Can’t blame them but the guys that value winning need to punish bad owners and leave

  2. Anyone can score a lot in the nba by chucking up shots but is it on the way to win?and for him it’s a no. So what does that mean? It’s all about efficiency. This dude hasn’t even been an all star, why y’all bugging like he needs to be on a good team. Back in the early 2000s tmac and AI missed the playoffs. Right now, no one would let that happen lol

  3. Oh no….we don’t have anything to talk about
    Let’s throw ALOT of shit in the ceiling and see what sticks…lame af!

  4. Idk man, Booker sounds selfish to me imo. When i saw him say “im going for 50” that shit was dumb. Say youre going to beat up the other team or something. And people act like his teammates are straight up bums. Most of them are young and talented. When a player say hes going for 50, of course his teammates will always try to give him the ball even if it means sacrificing their stat. Those are true teammates imo not the one who sets an individual goal in the middle of the game… hes tryna make it look like hes playing with bums but most of his teammates have talent and most are lottery picks. Just my opinion

  5. None of them and none of you are qualified to talk about the Suns becuase you haven't been paying attention all year. You're only looking at the end result which isn't accurately recording the progression.

  6. Booker is a straight up baller but GET THAT KID SOME HELP!

    The reason they’re not winning is 100% because of piss poor ownership and management. The entire NBA knows this about the the Suns’ organization. And it’s sad because Phoenix SHOULD be a prized destination for players to want to come play for but team executives are literally getting in their own way. SARVER, PLEASE SELL THIS TEAM TO SOMEONE…ANYONE…THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT WINNING!

  7. If the Suns don't win at least 35 – 40 games next year something is definitely wrong with this franchise…. They got some talent

  8. "He's not forcing shots…"

    Have you ever even seen the dude play? He forces some terrible shots, and makes some terrible decisions. Trust, he ain't all that.

  9. Dude forget the pick! Trade for or sign the best player you can. Get Ayton and Booker an allstar caliber third player please…

  10. I mean they haven't improved since he been a sun lol I wouldn't give them shit trade me draft night lmao

  11. Booker needs to leave Phoenix. The Sun's ownership including the GM has no intentions of spending what they need to, even if they knew what they were doing.

  12. The media is a joke. Now, every young player that is on a losing franchise should demand a trade to a better team? Don’t sign the long term contract!

  13. The Suns Should Get Better In A Year If They Have The Number One Overall Pick Again And Choose Zion Williamson. Devin Booker Should Just Wait For A Trade.

  14. No he shouldn't, some players are wasting their prime on bad teams, people want players to stay on the team they got drafted too but what if the organization never got these players help, I would leave too, that's why it's so many players joining each other, draft picks are ok but that ain't enough when it's teams like GS, and Philly, HOU

  15. the suns needs a competent coach that can use all of their stars…especially deandre ayton. there were stretches of games where he only had like 7 shots the entire game. that is travesty and people wonder why the sun sucks.

  16. They have a young core and possibly the 1-3 pick they will get better soon. They are the Sixers of a few years ago.

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