Did Bhad Bhabie get Herpes from NBA YoungBoy ?

► Did Bhad Bhabie get Herpes from NBA YoungBoy ?

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  1. I guarantee 80%, If not all, of all major celebrities have a STD of some kind… no doubt about it. It's just common sense lol, they all fuck a bunch of people all the time everywhere in the world. I guarantee they dont always use protection.

  2. It's crazy and ironic how everyone's going crazy over this man having herpes when so many people walk around with herpes or have the virus in their body that's why they have cold sores like if herpes is shaking the industry then people really need to educate them self on what the herpes virus is.. There's way worst STDs and STIs that is going around that people need to worry about as well besides just herpes

  3. Most rappers got herpes or something else, but these thot ass groupies love them so much that they're willing to catch an incurable disease from them. And then these stupis ass hoes go and spread it to everyone else. Rappers please stop fucking everybody damn

  4. NBA Young Bumps they having infested kids and the whole nine straight savages. I won't be sitting on no hotel toilets or messing with no young thots!!! Somebody do the Lord a favor and throw bleach on these people

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