Did the Rockets miss their big chance? | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Jackie MacMullan and Scottie Pippen react to Chris Paul’s ejection from Game 1 of the Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors series in the 2019 NBA playoffs. They also preview Game 2, and discuss if the Rockets missed their chance to steal a game on the road.

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  1. I don’t want to hear Scottie talking about leadership or keeping emotions in check because this nigga was crying on the bench when Phil Jackson wanted Kukoch, too lazy to google the correct spelling, to take the last shot

  2. lmao its one game. espn needs to relax. if anything rockets can capitalize now that they know officials will be looking carefully at illegal closeouts.

  3. people act like curry doesn’t kick his legs out like a frog diving into water EVERY SINGLE 3 POINTER HE SHOOTS. the refs don’t call it. so when harden flops and the refs call it, why do ya’ll get mad at HIM and not the refs? Curry is flopper too, he just doesn’t get the calls. Harden does, so how is harden the bad guy? When it’s the refs that call the fouls for him? lol learn how to make sense when you hate on people. And maybe take a look at KD when he does that bs swipe through move. Same shit harden does, it’s called drawing a foul. Everybody does it, just because harden does it better and the refs call it doesn’t mean only harden is a flopper. Don’t mind me, just shutting all that bullshit down about the fouling thing. Get mad at the refs. Simple.

  4. Steph Curry gets less free throw attempts than all other top 15 scorers in the league. He's been at least top 8 in scoring the past 7 years yet has never been top 10 in free throw attempts. And what has he done about no calls? Years ago he adjusted to still be effective by expecting that the contact won't be called, which most times it isn't. Earlier today, James Harden said he's not adjusting his game at all. When will he learn that his tactics don't work deep in the playoffs with more experienced refs?

  5. If I was playing them I would jump under Curry and KD's landing zone EVERY TIME next game and see if they think that shit's funny then!!!

  6. NBA are "punishing" the ROCKET, Scot Forrester , who CP3 & Harden has" Bad blood" with is officiating in Game 2.  Every time Rocket tide the game or ahead, the next play was a free throw by KD (ABC failed to tell the viewer) where is the fault??? I don't see it!   "INCONSISTENCY"–all call in favors of GSW

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