Do Kawhi Leonard, Raptors have a chance to beat Warriors in Finals? | Jalen & Jacoby | NBA on ESPN

Ryen Russillo and David Jacoby break down the epic Raptors-Warriors overtime matchup and discuss whether the Toronto Raptors can win the NBA Finals in 2019.

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  1. When the Celtics start clicking and Hayward gets more and more confident , they’ll have something to say about this topic.

  2. I hate when people say "they didn't have Steph or Draymond" if the warriors as a whole team was really that good, they shouldn't need 4 all stars to always play

  3. Now the media finally expose Golden State warriors championship secret. Is a game over cause most teams r not scared no more to beat them good

  4. who's better KD or Kawhi? Doesn't matter if you got one you don't need the other or if you don't have one take the other, they're both outstanding players !!!

  5. Warriors looked amazing with Steph back in Detroit so I guess everyone was correct! They are automatically so much better with him right? Oh wait…

  6. 7.2??? People in the media add inches to players all the time.. Lebron became 6.9 all of a sudden.. KD is 7 feet tall.. man KD is 7 feet with his shoes on, maybe..he’s a great player none the less

  7. In this game you put draymond in, and the Raptors would've scored less and lost. you put Stephen in and the Warriors would have made more and won!…this is the first loss from the Warriors I smile, because it tell me that the Raptors has no chance against a healthy Warriors team and I DIDN'T EVEN SAY BOOGIE YET! we loss by 3 in overtime without 3 of our stars! I will consent to you, Yea! the Raptors won…… with one hand tie behind the Warriors back jumping on one leg! now do you feel better??????? I do. This was a great loss. I can't wait until next time.

  8. I think worst case scenario this series goes 6, but damn that Warriors starting 5 when healthy is like best at every position … the raptors bench needs to come back to form to give Raps any chance of winning

  9. So it takes KD,Curry, Draymond,Klay to FAIRLY beat teams. C’mon maaan. Raps vs GS is how the NBA should be played …2 all stars (KD,Klay + Kawhi,Lowry) on a team max and good role players and THATs why the game was good to watch. ?


  11. Yes they are beatable. Raptors game plan must be let KD get his buckets, But shut down curry and Thompson. JV can shut down boogie. Green is a idiot who makes bad decisions on the court.

  12. GSW enjoy winning. If Boogie being featured makes the game easier and more efficient for them these guys will happily defer to him. That's what makes them so dangerous. KD is the only impediment to that philosophy with all his personal issues. Somebody has to go, though. They won't keep winning if their bench is depleted. Livingston and Iguadala ain't gettin' no younger.

  13. Maybe 1 or 2 games, ok they the Raptors shoot a mazing pace the other night, can they do that for 4 or more games? The Warriors didn't have their best defenses player on the floor not did they have the best shooter on the floor. What makes anyone think they can win 4 games against this team? I'm not even going to talk about the unknown Boogie, what will he bring when healthy will it be him and KD ISO ball and posting up? Or the 2015 Warriors ball movement and letting it raining triples down on you? But , the Warriors shoot close to 50% witch is about average for them and Raptors 70 for the 1st half and barely escaped with a win without 2 players from the Warriors. So, once again why do you think your team can beat this team in a 7 games series?????

  14. KD went MVP mode and the Raps still one.. Its almost the same as having Steph but Lowry playing on a really high level. Draymond makes them a lot better but Pascal is emerging as an all star. Great matchup. Warriors wont sweep Toronto. June will be competitive

  15. everybody sleeping on OKC right now they ballin. I would love GS to lose to anybody but losing to OKC in the playoffs would be most satisfying

  16. If I’m Toronto I don’t play Kawhi next time they match up in 2 weeks. If Toronto wins Toronto is the real deal and the finals will be interesting. If Toronto loses Toronto still gets to try different looks at gsw before the playoffs and you can use the excuse that your lineup wasn’t complete.

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