Does Russell Westbrook’s aggressive style contribute to altercations? | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down the altercation between Russell Westbrook, Robin Lopez, and Jerami Grant in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 121-96 victory over the Chicago Bulls. Jalen says that the Thunder had to have their leader’s back and says it’s not surprising that opposing players take issue with Russ.

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  1. When Westbrook pushed Dunn, he felt that he has done nothing wrong. But when Jamal Murray did the same thing to him, he acted like he was punched on the face.

  2. Remember when Durant and Bosh got into it and everyone coined the phrase “fake tough guy” Westbrook finally showed his fake tough guy persona! All that bark and when someone finally answers back he cries to the refs

  3. WEstbrook is overated because he takes alot of shots with a lower field goal percentage…if he wins a trophy its when he takes lesser shots then

  4. Ppl just act and play different when they see Russ 😂. Shit is fact, whenever there is a problem Russ always comes to defend his teammates. So when it comes to Russ the whole team has to bring that same energy

  5. He say Russell pushed him first I can tell he didn’t even watch the game cause if he did then he would see kris Dunn holding Russell Westbrook and grabbing while he is trying to get open before all of that happened

  6. Westbrook has a Michael Jordan type athletic ability, if, and that's a humongous if, if he had some marbles upstairs, he'd be pretty dangerous

  7. Russ's playsyle inspires the entire team and that's why OKC are 3rd in the loaded West. PG, Adams and Grant are having their best individual statistical seasons of their careers BECAUSE OF RUSS. And then people or should I say HATERS say that Russ is a bad teammate. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HATE RUSS YOU GOTTA SHOW SOME GOD DAMN RESPECT AND ADMIRATION TO HIM. Yes we get it. Russ "stat pads", Russ is inefficient, Russ makes some bad decisions. HE'S A HUMAN BEING. He has flaws. But people act as if he's the only basketball player in the world with flaws and critise him severely. I've never seen a player getting critised as much as Russ. PEOPLE JUST LOVE TO HATE ON GREATNESS AT THE MOMENT
    What can we do about it??? It's just natural

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