Draymond Green did not foul James Harden – Former NBA referee Steve Javie | Outside the Lines

Retired NBA referee Steve Javie joins Outside the Lines to explain the league’s rules to protect the shooter. Javie also examines Game 1 highlights from the Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors series to determine if Draymond Green fouled James Harden during a crucial 3-point attempt, and shares his opinion if the Rockets’ officiating complaints could impact the rest of the 2019 NBA playoffs.

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  1. The problem is that Harden is playing the system so that he scores points from initiating fouls. A shooting foul is defined to be a foul that alters or (should alter) a shot of a player while the player is in the act of shooting with the intention to score. Shooting with the intention to draw a foul is not apart of the definition and should be a technical foul and possibly a personal foul( if contact is made). James Harden would actually have to play basketball instead of playing the refs. He is showing that without the refs, he is only a 20 something ppg type of player. The stuff Harden does to draw fouls isn't basketball. Shut up and Ball bitches.

  2. They only talk about one time out of the twenty times they did this 😂 like bro if you called the fouls in the first half the rockets would’ve been up by 11

  3. Flopping and drawing fouls should be penalized, still wondering why nobody talks about House Jr. "play" on Thompson ankle?

  4. James Flopper Harder talking about wanting a fair chance? Nigga YOU LEAD THE LEAGUE IN FREE THROWS THE PAST 5 SEASONS! Your entire game is all about flopping and trying to draw fouls. So now the refs letting the game be played the right way and of course you a crybaby bitch about it. Warriors continuing to bitch slap those Houston flop babies like they always do.

  5. Because he is placing his feet in contact with the defensive man. He's feet is always inclined going down initiating the contact.

  6. If you take a look at Harden landing – he is tretching his feet out extra to get under the defender and not landing regularly with his legs under his body! Compare that to all others Jump shots from other players in the league, side by side, or place them over each other, and you will see, he now is trying to get his feet under the defender by stretching ackwardly out from under his body to get them under the defender to get calls in his favor!
    Check it out, what he newly doing to fool the ref and get fouls called!
    He is nothing but a dirty little crook trying to get some advantage and fouls called!
    Go back and look at all his shots from the past, 2018/2017!!
    Your not going to step back and jump in your shot further out than from where you actually stepped back from. Take another close look at what he is doing in the second and third shot, he starts outsine the circle and jumps all the way past where he started from into the defender, he should be ejected, no one else does that and he never did that and had constant contact with defenders in the past!
    Place all his shots year by year and you will see he probably practiced that, like all his other shots and free throw actions – I would call that leg extention that can hurt the defender landing on his feet. "The Lil Crook"

  7. Lmao I hope they make all the calls tonight because it’ll shut y’all up when the warriors STILL beat the rockets😂 cmon now they didn’t call encroachment on either side and niggas are gonna adjust the reason that game got so out of hand because players got adjusted to non calls and game got physical

  8. Steve needs to just be honest. During the regular season we have 80 plus games per team and to ensure that players stay healthy the benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter. But in the playoffs, where intensity is higher the benefit of the doubt goes to the defensive player. It's been that way for 70 some odd years and should continue.

  9. If Harden didn't kick his leg out, he would have likely gotten injured. The leg kick is not only a technique to draw a foul but serves as a measure of protection by changing the way a shooter lands his foot after he's sensed that the defender is in his air & landing space. Also, in the context of the other missed calls where the consensus is that a foul should have been called, besides the protection measure as mentioned, a shooter can try and resort to selling the call since the calls were previously ignored.

  10. The NBA said they missed 17 calls on the Rockets..
    What good is that doing after the game is over. Steph and Klay should have been fouled out.
    I don't even like Houston, but I like watching a fair game. The Refs have 1 job and they still can't get it right.

  11. Of course this isn't the issue I don't know why the media keeps showing this clip. James Harden Also didn't step out of bounds on the second to last play.

  12. The end of that conversation is all you need to know. The refs are aware that Harden and Paul try to fool the refs into making calls. Obviously they're not happy about that.What a shocker … haha

  13. Ouch. "Harden & Paul trying to fool the referee." Referees knows they're their game now. Just play basketball please. Stop getting the officials involved.

  14. smh people just now catching on to james tricks. this dude has fallen on his ass on every three he's attempted for the whole season and no one said nothing.

  15. Some comments are dumb, he shot perfectly fine with a normal shooting sway in the first half. But as he noticed he wasn't getting fouls , he tried to create extreme contact/flop to maybe get the fouls. Seems like some shooting fouls were not called for the warriors either, but come on we know Klay was in the wrong the first half. Hate to see another Kawhi leonard incident with all these shooters. We also don't want the rockets to step into the appropriate landing space of Steph on purpose in Game 2. With his ankles , he is for sure going out with an injury.

  16. Steve Javie said it right- Harden landed into Draymond. Every ref, even Javie missed a call, they’re not gonna get it all correct which is understandable.

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