Dwyane Wade is better than Paul Pierce seven days a week – Sean Farnham | Get Up!

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Brian Windhorst, Mike Greenberg, Sean Farnham and Chiney Ogwumike share their opinions about Paul Pierce’s comments on NBA Countdown that he had a better NBA career than Dwyane Wade. Windhorst and Greenberg respect Pierce’s confidence in himself, while Farnham thinks there is no comparison and would take the Miami Heat legend over the Boston Celtics forward.

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  1. If you fake an injury during the finals and leave the court on wheelchair, you shouldnt put yourself in the conversation. #saltycoznbadidntgiveyouthesamefarewelltourasdwade

  2. Dwayne is not better
    Neither is pierce
    It's way more than awards rings and stats and numbers
    Unfortunately the media does not see it
    They are equally great at different positions on different teams with different teammates

  3. Pierce is better than D wade. D wade achieved more because of his teamates. That’s why he had the better career. But Paul pierce was underrated, he was given his big 3 towards the end of their careers. Why do you think his name is “the truth?” If Paul had a Shaq or lebron like player in the early 2000s he would have easily had 5 rings

  4. People are so caught up in the moment with this issue but here's my two cents. If James does not go to Miami would we be having this conversation? I think not. People forget it Perkins don't not get injured in game 6 they beat the Lakers, if Kg does not get injured the year before the win the championship. Paul is 100% right. Give him How I James and a healthy shaq he would have more ring. Fyi Paul was final map vs kobe. Paul did not have the flash but he did make Jame take his talent to southbeach when they beat the ave and he outplayed James. These point are facts! He didn't have the flash but the man was called theTruth. Wade against San Antonio the second time was a shell of himself and that's why they lost so bad.

  5. This host that i don't know his name and i don't want to is shit , always looking for a way to critisize MJ , always try to praise lebron in other debates , MJ in his HOF speech didn't say he was better than everybody , he just was being MJ and was talking the truth that he was competetive he even praised players like Isiah , iceman , and others that were his best rivales and said that he was happy he played against them , and if anyone in basketball history has the right to claim he is better than someone else is MJ , however for this debate about the truth nd Dwade i tjink everyone agrees that Dwade had a better carrer ofc he had better teamates like shaq, and lebron but paul also played with some greats like KG , and ray allen but just to see these analysists hypocrisim , that fat guy was with him on the panel when he said that ,why he didn't interfere and stated his opinion , no he waited untill he came to this rabbish show nd started gossipping .

  6. Please please please stop with this wade 3rd best sg he's is not better than Allen Iverson I'm sick and tired of him just being dismissed over wade and it's strictly cause of rings you can't give me anything else in His prime AI was the face of the league over Shaq and Kobe even Tim Duncan THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES wade has never been close to being the best player or face of the league at no time in his career….wade might be more accomplished but people who know basketball knows who's better period

  7. If the Heat had Pierce instead of Wade when they lost in the finals to Dallas that year Pierce was better than Wade the Heat may have won the title Pierce was better that year than Wade I saw what Wade did against Dallas

  8. They were both great players in their own right. They both are hall of Famers! Both have won titles! Both have had great playoff moments! Stop it people!

  9. We and the Redeem team owe DWade that basketball gold medal in the Beijing olympics. Eye test and stat test. Never forget

  10. Pierce asked for it by making this comparison: Paul was a starter on a good team, which means he was good. Wade was not only better; he was an exciting player with moves, while Pierce was only so-so, unexciting. Why can't he be satisfied with wealth, fame, respect? By over-reaching, he shows himself to be a fool, needy, childish.

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