First Take reacts to 2018 NBA draft lottery: Should No. 1 pick be a lock? | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith react to the 2018 NBA draft lottery, and answer the question if Deandre Ayton should definitely be the No. 1 pick.

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  1. Gets paid millions to talk about player he actually never saw playing, this is new low for steven a smith n espn. Dončić is currently the most valuable player of all rookie class.

  2. How IGNORANT are these two comen tators don't know sh+t about basketball… we live in YouTube era and they don't watch EUROPEAN basketball videos… BUT they dare to comment… WTF!? ESPN plese find new people to work for you, people who care about basketball!

  3. Draft is like ‘84 your choosing C vs G..take jordan..dont worry about bigs they are already gone in this league..hahaha??

  4. Clown Central. These two provide no insight and just make up stuff on the fly. First of all the NBA doesn't develop players! They don't even practice and the G league is a joke. These cats get better on their own or they disappear. Ayton reminds me of Shaq. How come no one has mentioned that. As a reminder, Shaq was a physical God at LSU & Orlando. He just kept getting better. Got to LA, got his rings, and has been eating donuts ever since. Trae Young is a kid. Why in the hell would you take him as the first PG. Staph's shooting is off the charts, but his ball handling is overrated and that kid body can't guard players on the bench. And Young is even smaller! I can't recall a guard from Europe , (other than Petro & Sarunis), worth a damn. Who is the PG in Utah that Westbrook scared out of the playoffs! Donic in the liottery?! Coach K develops Duke, but not players. All of them are role players at best. Grant was the exception & Kyrie stays injured. Instead of making movies he should be getting on a grown mans workout. If anything Duke kills players skills. Boozier was one of the best small forward prospects ever – Google that. Who makes these rankings and what GM's swear by them.

  5. Lebron James taking his talents back to South Beach because he trusts coach Erik Spoelstra and #MiamiHeat have a center and will get #KawahiLeonard to run for title. #NBA

  6. How does Luka not fit in the mordern NBA? He's amazing with P/R. This is a P/R orientated league. Look at the Warriors and Ben Simmons

  7. I've lost all respect for Stephen A, he is saying he only saw a highlight video of Doncic, in another video he is not even completely sure where Doncic is from. How can you know so little about a player and be so heated when talking about him. It's sad that such an ignorant person is allowed to form opinions of whole country…

  8. SAS been trippin for since i can remember doncic is a baller and should be a lock. He will still be with his own people whether 1st or 2nd pick.

  9. A successful defensive possession ends with a defensive rebound more than 70% of the time. Let’s not discredit Molly entirely.

  10. MJ was selected 3rd, Steph Curry was selected 7th, and Kobe Bryant was picked 13th! Giannis went 15th. Kawhi Leonard went 15th. The list goes on and on. You just never know who's going to break out & be something extraordinary or possibly historical. Except for the expectations on LeBron. They were spot on right about him. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, let's not forget that the Cavs had multiple #1 picks over recent years. Over just a few years time Cavs selected #1 three times. We won't mention Kyrie because he was a great pick. The other two #1-1st round picks, Cavs selected Anthony Bennett & Andrew Wiggins. With those two #1 picks, Cavs passed on Victor Olidipo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid! Other notables from those drafts- Rudy Gobert, Steven Adams, Caldwell Pope, CJ McCollum, & Tim Hardaway Jr…. So, the Cavs then took both Anthony Bennett & Andrew Wiggins (instead a combo of Embiid & Olidipo or Embiid & Giannis) and traded them both for Kevin Love. Cavs also picked Tristan Thompson over Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, and Kemba Walker. Basically, if Cavs were better with their picks, you could've seen a LeBron, Kyrie, Kawhi/Klay, Embiid, Olidipo/Giannis combo ( at least until they couldn't afford to keep them all against the offers they'd ultimately receive in their free agency years later). But of course, that way of looking at it goes for every team. Every team misses something great in the drafts, but when they get it right, dynasty. It's a fun game- Take your favorite team, look at their picks over the years & see who they passed on, it's good times. Look what the Lakers got with that #13 pick of the Charlotte Hornets- Kobe Bryant. The catalyst for 5 championships. You just never know. Same goes for Curry. In that year Blake Griffin went #1, some guy went #2, Harden#3, Timberwolves chose Rubio 5th, Jonny Flynn 6th, & let Curry (the greatest shooter of all time) go #7 to Golden State. Bet they're kicking themselves with that Flynn pick. Just like Anthony Bennett, he was a bust.

  11. Doncic is a once in a lifetime talent and does unbelievable things on a higher level than college basketball since he is 16 years old. to me he is even more promising than ben simmons, cause he can do everything simmons does, but is also a very good shooter. Taking anybody but Doncic at No.1 would be the next gigantic mistake of the phoenix suns front office and they would miss out on the most promising european prospect of all time.

  12. in 5 years from now maybe we will see a new stile of All star game. Europe vs Rest of the world. The starter 5 for Europe

    05.Jokic (SER)
    04.Porzingis (LET)
    03.Antetokounmpo (GRE)
    02.Bogdanovic (SER)
    01.Doncic (SLO)

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