[FULL] Ben Simmons on Donovan Mitchell: ‘I’m not gonna wear a sweatshirt tomorrow’ | NBA on ESPN

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Ben Simmons speaks to reporters after the Philadelphia 76ers’ win over the Atlanta Hawks, and addresses Donovan Mitchell’s “rookie” shirt.

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  1. It's not about liking the rules, it's about following them. If the only reason why someone would vote for Mitchell over Simmons is that the latter had a year to be in the league even though he wasn't playing then I don't think they should even have that vote. That being said I prefer Simmons as a player but I hope Mitchell takes home the award.

  2. did u remember that this simmons sold his soul to illuminatis to be famous? ang sacrificed his own cousin. whatever happens, they will make this pig won that roy

  3. Will someone please tell me if arrogant Simmons was paid the 16-17 season while he sat on the bench during his "rookie" year? I am assuming he did so will someone please tell me why he was voted rookie of the year in his SECOND year in the NBA. I do not know whom was in charge making this decision but I do know that decision was damn stupid!!

  4. Yeh if you weren’t drafted that year you shouldn’t be concerned a rookie. I think Simmons should win it this year because ofthe circumstances but after he wins it that rule should be changed.

  5. Boy just answer dudes question….I be trying to like Simmons but he's immature and egotistical at times. Like telling the reporter. "I'm not answering that."

  6. Idk why people say Ben Simmons ran away with the award and is the clear favorite. 20, 4 and 4 is almost as valuable as 15, 8 and 8. Their team records are very similar too (not to mention that the Jazz play in a more difficult conference) Also, Donovan Mitchell has had to carry almost all of the offensive load for his team with Gordon Hayward and Rodney Hood gone. Imo it's a toss up.

  7. Mitchell has been good considering the expectations but at the same time he puts up 20 a game because he shoots 20-30 times a game and is a usage hog. Below average 3pt percentage at 34 percent and 44 FG percent.

  8. Ben Simmons never played against pro athletes like Lebron, KD,Steph,Kyrie, James harden,Kawhi,etc. So this is his first year and he is on another level.

  9. It’s crazy ben Simmons couldn’t even play 5 v 5 last year and now people say he shouldn’t win? What you expect Simmons to do just be trash and let Donovan win? Simmons was going to win last year. Look how trash last years rookies are? Simmons is like the only good player in that draft. I say it’s even more impressive if he wins this year cause this rookie class is deep.

  10. Mitchell is the true rookie of the year. His year was last year and unfortunately he was injured. I think this rule is bullshit

  11. The fact that Donovan is head to head in the race for ROTY with someone who is in his second year is amazing, not to mention being a 12th pick. Even if they somehow both win-I will still consider Donovan robbed

  12. He's not a rookie, wasn't embied in the running in his 3rd season? What a joke, he's worked with NBA coaches and trainers for a full season, cashed them checks to.

  13. If you didn't play a game,you didn't have a rookie season!!!!
    Stop hating and acknowledge the rules!!!! Look at the haters;they're making excuses because they know their guy didn't have as good of a year. Stop hating!!!

  14. Simmons could never win a game without embid agains Warriors. He can even lead 6ers against GS with a 30point+ lead. That said DM is ROY

  15. He's definately better than Mitchell but in my opinion he shouldn't be considered a rookie anymore. It sucks that he didn't get to play his rookie season but he was still working with the coaching staff all throughout the injury and as soon as he got better he was practicing with the team, not to mention the fact that he had already done preseason with them. That's too many advantages over the real rookies who had one summer to make that adjustment.

  16. Mitchell plays 40 minutes a game and averages 3.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds a game. Simmons plays 25 minutes and averages 8.9 assists and 9 rebounds. You do the math👍

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