Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 11.15.2018, NBA Season

GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 11.15.2018

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  1. there are other factors than just missing Stephon Curry. the team it doesn't have Much Chemistry. the beef between kD and Green really effect things. im not saying SC doesn't play a role but golden state did well with out SC in other games. its just chemistry is dead

  2. all yall talkin bout this happened cause curry not there, kd not a leader n alat. But last time I checked, when curry out there without kd, yall lose as well. Not a fan of kd either, I just need golden state to admit they a weak ass, soft, overrated team. How yall always need ALL 4 all stars plus iggy to pull through? Fucking trash

  3. Pathetic ass Lebron fans always looking for the smallest excuse to suck Lebron's dick in the comment section even if he isn't in the fucking video. Cancerous sacks of shit, a loss is a loss, a win is a win no matter what happens quit forcing him into the equation, you're all so cancerous for that same reason all you do is trash, criticize, while you glorify that piece of shit hipocrite LeBitch, it's irritating, you so called Lebron fans never hold him accountable when he fucks up, you always throw away the guilt and blame some one else, you always look for the smallest accolade to glorify him, you always spend your fucking time praising him while insulting other teams and other players, you show no enjoyment of the Game, NBA, Basketball itself, you simply exist to adore that piece of shit, who gets coaches fired, who screams at his teamates everytime, who quits when ever he is down by a big margin of points and starts blaming others. That is why you are so cancerous to this game, and to us who actually enjoy watching basketball over, this isn't WWE quit making it a drama show and comment on the fucking plays, and have some recognition for other players, they all bust their asses in the gym to improve to be better yet all you fags do is load negativity and argue with others over some stupid shit.

  4. nah, can't really blame Durant..he's the best player on golden state all'day..golden state is themed around Curry and non stop picks and screens..that shtt just doesn't work when the dude it's designed for isn't on the court. and draymond is trash..I'll take Dennis Rodman over draymond anyday..

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