Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic 1st Qtr Highlights | 11.26.2018, NBA Season

GS Warriors vs Magic 1st Qtr Highlights | 11.26.2018

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  1. Have u notice everybody in they mama shooting 3' s its like no one has no inside game if u have a big man they not going to use him shoot the 3 that's why I Think Warriors will win again because they started that shit….lol Curry and Klay the Splash Brothers remember its going to be hard beating a Team that staring that WARRIORS got bench players that are good and can shoot.all the BS they trying to stir up with Durrant and Green is a gimmick.knock them out they game for a min.cuz they was having fun beating teams by large u know who runs the NBA so they start some shit.start with the Warriors.get them off Beat cuz they beating Teams like crazy its not fun to watch them beat up on teams this the season.warriors will take it 2019 and that's it for them LeBron in the Lakers will be champs 2020 in the NBA will be nothing no more after that Football will be nothing also it should be Flag Football now.Baseball been fell off all sports is pretty much going down because of the money.

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