Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018, NBA Season

GS Warriors vs Blazers Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! KD! i'm calling him "Smooth Operator" when he shoot like the ball is not touching the ring & the net 🙂 just like his personality simple & silent most of the time! I luv also Shaun Livingston here… clap clap clap go go go W W W more till the playoffs!

  2. Isn’t it crazy to think that after this season, once Durant has his third ring and decides to move on, that the only person who could beat this ultra overpowered team (Even before Durant they were insanely talented) in a 7 game series was LeBron?

  3. I appreciate how this is ONE game, and all these bandwagon fans of the Lorriers are all cocky and saying "Proof the Warriors are still legit and the Blazers still aren't going anywhere", meanwhile, our Stalelazers are coming off a 6 game road trip over the course of 9 days (this game was the last of the trip), while the Lorriers were coming off 5 days of rest AT HOME, to play one game in that stretch… at home, versus us, on the end of that lengthy road trip.
    Safe to say ya'll can calm your tits, sit your asses down and heel like a good dog. It ain't all that, "fans". lmao

  4. Funny how you bandwagons say "this shut the haters up" when ya'll been hiding the past week and a half now as soon as you win a game to a pretty shit team you wanna start talking shit keep your mouths shut until steph come back cuz ya'll going on another losing streak gonna lose to SAC next game then get blown out by the RAPS and the cyborg Kawhi Leonard KD ain't got shit on KL

  5. LeBron (44 points) (3 Blocks) (9 Assist) (68%Fg) (83% 3pt) (1stl) (10 Rebounds) (Pass WiltChamberland)

    Did Yall Forget? Stop Comparing this Snake to LeBron

  6. Curry is no MVP no more, he cant because he aint durable enough to play up to the finals, come mid-season even before finals there's high probability he will get injured again, Kerr must be wise enough to devise more plays not revolving on curry..

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