Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings 1st Half Highlights | 05.10.2018, NBA Preseason

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Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings 1st Half Highlights

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  1. Leys see better on offense, defense, their is no special teams, so he raps better won the last two finals and finals mvp's, YEAH KD IS THE LEAGUES BEST PLAYER…HANDS DOWN!

  2. Playing against the still-hot champs is quite different than playing with the Lakers just a few days ago. Against the Lakers, the Kings led most of the game. Against the Warriors, the Kings get to go into a hole and play catch-ups all day. Good learning lesson for the Kings though.

  3. He'll yeah that's would I'm talking about warriors put them too school go warriors they starting too get the picture I was beginning too wonder what was going on their it is !😃

  4. I Know it's preseason , but for basketball lovers around the world , there has to be an age limit restriction. Watching uncoordinated kids like skal labissierre is painful. Raise the age limit to 23 , make the game great again.

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