Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 11.18.2018, NBA Season

GS Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 11.18.2018

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  1. Time the fuck out !!! This is warriors 3rd year together they aren’t the same team as they use to be and not only that LeBron Had Rose, Wade, crowder etc and was loosing games left & right that shows that teams go thru stretches or should I say LeBron isn’t a leader or can’t lead a team ? If KD and Draymond sit Games when curry comes back I promise warriors will loose ?Curry has no D and he would be even easier to defend without Durant on the floor right now with that team. KD was a M.V.P in OKC without Russ lead that weak ass team to the playoffs we all know what he can do… y’all are either mad this man has taken Two M.V.P.S from Steph or Two rings from Bron take your fucking pick bitches cause come playoff time watch how he destroys any and everybody matched up across from him and that’s facts !!!!! Quote me in this @ me it’s what ever !!!!!!! LeBron knows KD is the truth and so does curry & you guys that’s why y’all tryna keep him down …

  2. I'm on a suicide watch watching my Warriors get cooked. So sad. Damn! But I salute the other teams who beat us. You guys are good, I'm giving you that.

    Also… I just really miss Curry.

  3. I want to like this a thousand times.  I hope you all are witnessing that Durant aint crap without Curry, Thompson, green, etc, basically his whole damn team. He's not a takeover player.  He didn't do it in OKC, and he only plays well in GS when there are other players helping him get open. Best player in the league my *

  4. Warriors without Curry are like…
    1, (clean version)…a toothless bulldog, scary but harmless
    2, ( dirty version/ lil'wayne version)… a bxxx with no axx, attractive bt…..u figure out the rest

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