GS Warriors vs Houston Rockets – Game 6 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets – Game 6 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs





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  1. Hahahahah why would anybody say rockets ever had this
    Golden state was the champions before kd and will stay that way without kd

  2. Amazing great game! Congratulations Golden State Warriors for the victory, 4 – 2 in Houston Rockets! Great team! And congratulations for qualifying in the Conference Finals! Stefanos!!!

  3. EZ MONEY!!!!!! No more travels 3's for the bread! Can't wait to hear the cry baby rocket fans hahahahaha 🙂

  4. Warriors won not just because of Thompson and Curry. We won as a Team. Everyone knows their roles. Green was the facilitator on the floor. Iguodala scored 17 points, Stevenson got 11pts. Looney was Huge. Bell got two blocks 4:36 ( 1st block) Cook contribute some good minutes even Jerenko scored a basket.

    The ball was moving everyone touch the ball, when Curry got double Green will slide to the basketball, first option AllyHoop, if not kick outside then another player will pass the ball.

  5. Great, great victory by the Golden State Warriors, over an amazingly strong and talented Houston Rockets. Congratulations to both teams; it was good seeing Steph coming back from the death…

  6. Capella straight ass😂. He got bullied the entire series by Looney and had the nerves to call the warriors out. James had constant lazy pass turnovers and Houston must've forgotten how to box a defender out. Capella though is just ass, in game 5 he was barely jumping to contest shots or grab rebounds. And you have some on the bench like Faried who can produce better than Capella.

  7. I'm happy Golden State beat Houston. I knew Golden State could beat Houston without Kevin Durant. Maybe James Harden can shave his long beard during the summer LOL. I don't understand how James thinks black women wanna kiss him with that long beard LOL. James Harden couldn't make any shots in the 4th quarter against Golden State. James only scores a lot of points in the regular season LOL. I think Golden State is gonna beat Portland. Chris Paul needs to retire LOL. He's never gonna beat Golden State in the playoffs.

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