Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | Nov 23, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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  1. Rockets should've won if they call the goaltend of drummond on cp3's 3 point attempt in the last 2 mins of regulation… NBA already admitted that mistake… refs are horrible these times

  2. The refs won this game for the Pisstons they let Griffin just push everyone around and don't call sheet. That's why Tucker was mad in Houston. The league has told the refs to show pity to the Pisstons because the economy is bad up there and they need hope.

  3. 8:05, Blake Griffin is such a faker when he does that retarded looking whiplash movement with his neck and face. Has done that his entire career and looks like a retard lol

  4. Harden pulling an Otto Porter with that defense at the end in OT when Bullock hit that corner 3 at 8:40 😂 The man stays getting caught ball watching smfh

  5. Im not gonna even lie this game was badass!!! .It kept me at the edge of my seat!! Good job both teams…good game Rockets cant win em all.#clutchcity#Rockets#htown

  6. Pistons coach did a good job with the adjustments. 1. They worked Harden on the defensive end. Griffin kept posting up with Harden on him. That's smart basketball. 2. They contested every Harden layup attempt. 3. Griffin kept forcing Harden to drive to the right if you watch closely. Harden is left-handed.

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