Houston Rockets vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018, NBA Season

Rockets vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | 10.26.2018

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  1. Rockets are probably feeling the same sense of fatigue the Warriors felt 3 years ago. The Warriors broke an NBA record for most wins (73) in a season. They went all out for that record. However it didn't result in an NBA championship. So, the next year the regular season really didn't mean that much they just bided their time waiting for the playoffs. The regular season became boring and uninteresting to them.

    The Rockets last year went all out to ensure home court advantage during the playoffs. They got home court advantage, BUT failed in the playoffs anyway. So NOW the regular season is less critical and has no real sense of urgency, they blew their wad on the regular season last year and don't want to repeat the effort this year. Like the Warriors they KNOW they have the talent to make the playoffs, so they're just anxiously awaiting for the playoffs. The Spurs took this approach for years also; they wanted to be fresh by then and they knew what kind of talent they had. If you're a Rocket fan I wouldn't be sweating losses in October.

  2. Really want people to start making a mixture of highlights and lowlights … these never tell the full story. Or show the whole segment when the game is close / starts to turn to one teams favour

  3. Some examples of Carmelo's terrible defense:

    3:29 Beverley, a low impact player offensively, scores a 3 in a 1 on 1 situation against Carmelo
    4:25 Harris starts at the 3 pt line, backs Carmelo deep into the paint, spins off his right shoulder and scores a layup/short hook shot that Carmelo doesn't even contest by jumping or putting a hand up, and gets an And 1 against him in a 1 on 1 situation. Commentator calls this "good defense by Melo" ?
    7:32 Carmelo allows his defender to roll to the basket and get a dunk
    8:05 Carmelo makes no effort to stay with Teodosic or box him out, leading to an uncontested offensive rebound and putback
    8:30 Carmelo again allows Teodosic to score with no contest

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