Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | 12/20/2018 NBA Season

NBA Game Highlights between Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets | December 20, 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. Can somebody explain me what is the point for Heat to fight for 8,7 or 6 seed (first round exit) rather than sacrifice one season and pick nice player in the lottery? I'm not talking about tanking like Suns or Sixers. What is the point because I don't understand Pat Riley. He really thinks that this roster can contend? At the moment it seems that Heat has no future with no good draft pics and stars – all I can see is average team with no perspective

  2. this was the night that the NBA admitted it was fake. Wade could've held the ball and let time expire or get fouled but for TV ratings had to give the Rockets a chance. both teams and the announcers just played along lol.

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