How would an Anthony Davis trade to the Lakers affect Luke Walton's job security? | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose says if Anthony Davis is traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, it will not affect Luke Walton’s job security because LeBron James already wants a change at head coach.

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  1. Wooow people forget lonzo all ways showed up at big times we beat thunder we beat worriors his defense is majorly underated I gurantee Klay wouldn't had gave the Lakers a stroke with 8 threes in a matter of seconds if lonzo was there or James harder an bald head guy would of came back on the Lakers if he never gotten hurt big game changer he reminds me of Leonard , lonzo will get better with his shot an can be another all time great with more potential then ad

  2. I completely agree I think than Luke is a heckuva coach is just that Luke is not the coach for Lebron Ty Lue is coming to L.A to coach. Luke is gonna be a good coach somewhere else. That's too bad tho.

  3. Lebron ass is 3-6 in NBA finals. He doesn’t deserve to pick the coach. Furthermore, 2 of his rings came with Eric Spoelstra which was picked by Pat Riley. We all know, Pat Riley don’t bend nor fold for none. On to another note, if Lebron cared so much about winning and great coaching. Why hasn’t he went to the Spurs? They would be instant favorites against the Warriors. That’s pre and post Kawhi.

  4. Luke Walton comes from basketball pedigree, appears to be open to constructive criticism, he's a down to earth brother, a player's coach, and conducts congenial press interviews, And he's a champion. Job security?…

  5. WOW this is the most blatant proof that Jalen Rose does not watch games. I have watched a substantial amount of Lakers games ever since Luke Walton took over. He is the most incompetent coach I have ever witnessed (Ty Lue is a genius compared to him). Luke Walton develops players??? He developed Julius Randle??? WHAT A JOKE. Everybody could see Julius Randle was a damn stud, yet he made him come off the bench and played him limited minutes for basically 2/3 of the season last year. His rotations are a big bad joke. Nobody could get into a rhythm because of his substitution patterns. Lonzo Ball (already a horrendous shooter) would never really play much more than 5-6 minutes in a row before getting benched, which never allowed him to get into any kind of a rhythm.

  6. How has he done a terrific job in LA and all we do is loose his rotations are trash he hindered the growth and development of Randle , kuzma, lonzo and Zubac should have been playing long time ago the coach Puke Walton is just now giving him pt.

  7. David Blatt came into the league after making a European low budget underdog team a champ, LBJ says not good enough. Blatt returns to Europe, and again overachieves . LBJ comes to LA, Walton was a heck of an assistant in GSW, and a great replacement coach, and proceeded to be a good coach with what he has available in LA. LBJ still wants him out. LBJ doesn't care about quality or what's best for the team, just about control.

  8. This is Magic Johnsons plan. Send all the kiddies to New Orleans, because you do have those other players on one year deals. Playoff Tested Veterans!!! Ladies and gentleman here are your Laker starters: Rondo at point, Loopy Lance at the two, bron bron at the three, A.D. at four and you have Magee and Chandler at center. Filler parts to be determined later. This is starting to look like Cleveland West. Bron is healthy they rested him, on purpose. Once again LeBron proves he runs things (except in Miami) wherever he goes.

  9. Why don’t they re hire Byron Scott? He’s Magic’s boy, was coach of the year in 2008. He’s a no nonsense type of dude and a former Laker. I think they’d thrive under him

  10. LeBron is trying to get his coach fired, and trade away his teammates so he can stack his team again???

    SHOCKER!!!!!!!! 😱

  11. Luke developed Ingram to a very limited offense, developed Lonzo into a non-scorer, developed Randle into a no shot outside of 2 feet from the basket, developed Russell into inconsistency. Luke has no successful track record as a head coach.

  12. Lebron shouldn't be involved in the coaching decisions if he really wanted to be on a championship contender again. Look at coach Spo. He's a great coach who hasn't been givin' that much of a chance to prove himself but when Lebron tried to remove him management stands up for the coach and look what happened. They won, TWICE!

  13. This plan where they fire Walton and trade this young core is going to back fire in magic Johnsons face! Trust me you don't blow up a young core of guys who are going to be special for a aging superstar who is one injury away from retirement!

  14. He's responsible for developing two 2nd overall picks, and a 7th overall pick?? They're SUPPOSED to be good lol and were projected to be much better than they currently are… the only one exceeding expectations is Kuzma

  15. There is a reason Jackson is still not a coach in the NBA. If you have followed the NBA the last 8 years, you will know why….

  16. Davis to the lakers makes basketball exciting again!!! Don’t fuck this up New Orleans make the nba interesting again it’s not like the trade sucks these are all young fucking studs

  17. Mark Jackson is trash. This dude only preaches the bible during timeouts. Jackson barely had any halfcourt set plays to help the team get easy buckets. Instead, it was all just run and gun offensive. The DEFENSE was all MIKE MALONE, a defensive coach all his NBA life and instilled the Warriors defensive schemes. Mark Jackson had major issues with couple of his assistant coaches he hired and did not take ownership advice to hire VETERAN assistant coaches because he is afraid they would take his job.

  18. Are we talking about a grown man / player here ??
    Or a little girl who acts like a "BRAT" if she doesn't get what she wants !!!!!

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