I did not hear Gregg Popovich and I didn't foul – LaMarcus Aldridge | 2019 NBA Playoffs

LaMarcus Aldridge explains why he did not foul Nikola Jokic in the final seconds of the San Antonio Spurs’ Game 7 loss to the Denver Nuggets after head coach Gregg Popovich called for him to do it. (1:04) DeMar DeRozan explains what the difference was between the first half and the second half for San Antonio, and he reflects on his first season with the Spurs.

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  1. ….even as fans you know you are supposed to foul during that type of situation with time running down much less professional veteran players. Lol (NO EXCUSE)

  2. I think he's the only one in the building that didn't have 'foul immediately on the inbound' in their mind. I can't really blame the other 4 on the court because if they left their man then that would have been an easy 2 which would of made the comeback even harder.

  3. Kids 7,8 years old playing basketball now that you have to foul in this case. All star players and pro s?! Wtf

  4. They should have been attacking the rim from the very first quarter. That's what brought them back into the game. Neither team is very good.

  5. To all you fake ass spurs fan you need to be mad at pop. He should of play lonnie walker. Patty mills play ok bertans play like trash . belinelli played like trash. The foreign players are trash on this team

  6. idiots 🤣🤣🤣🤣 even my lil nephew woulda foul thanks to Mr. Obvious and oh yea he does not play b ball at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…..

  7. Aldrigde is just not made for the postseason ! Regular season yes, but spurs will never win with him as their ‘star’ player !! And maybe it’s the same with Derozan !?

  8. The Nuggets never trailed from the start. When the Spurs made that run it was too late. There was no reason to foul. The nuggets beat the spurs at their own game

  9. Not mad at demar at all he played a decent series but LA was an all star this year no excuse he seems like he dosent give af! This makes me pissed cuz I was a huge LA fan now I think we need to trade him

  10. This is the reason why he's not gonna be a champion he doesnt fucking care about his mistake.head was not in the game. Spurs are done! The moment kawhi left thats it.

  11. Spurs need to trade LaMarcus and De Rozan for 1st round draft Pics. The sad truth may be "No Duncan, No more championship"

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