I made a Pure Sharpshooter on NBA 2K19 and THIS happened…. (best archetype?)

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nba 2k19 pure sharpshooter build best, i made this pure sharp build to see how good they are, im still using my shot creator but i wanted to use the best jumpshot nba 2k19 on it

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instrumental provided by Dmac.


  1. Sharps are not nasty they take no skill it’s ruining 2k honestly. Mike wang promised real skills this year but I don’t see it. Sharps are made for lames. ?

  2. Pure sharps are for kids. Easiest build in the game to play with and take 0 skills. I had a 91 pure sharp on 18 and it wad too easy. Needed a challenge so i moved to the pure shot creator now.

  3. It's like this at the beginning just like 2k17 I was greenin everything smacking the backboard and half court shots and 2k18 and then boom patched like fuck

  4. Sharps go crazy rn. I've gotten maybe 2 heavily contested shots in total and my SharpShot is a 90ovr. It's REALLY hard to give somebody a heavy contest, especially if they're tall. My build is 6'10 though so maybe that's why

  5. Hey Brother Jones, I also made a pure sharp, but I made my guy 6'3" because i wanted him to be my real life height.

    You think I'm gonna have problems in the park because of my height, or will I be alright keeping him at 6'3"?

    Thank You

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