Inside The Gambling Ring of NBA Referee Tim Donaghy

VICE “Red Cards” revisits the 2007 NBA betting scandal. We follow the character of Jimmy “the sheep” Battista, the mastermind behind the scandal and the one who sparked NBA referee Tim Donaghy betting on his own games.

For the first time, Battista opens up about his side of the story, letting us in on the seduction of sports gambling and the regrets he now carries with him. Journalists, former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin, and an ex-FBI detective all weigh in, as we try to unpack just how a scandal of this magnitude could have occurred.

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  1. This makes it seem like Tim was only betting on games he officiated and had direct influence over. In actuality, Tim was betting on ALL the NBA games and had a 75% success rate. How? He knew relationships between officials, players and coaches and how those friendships and feuds influenced the calls and how that in turn, influenced to a great degree the outcomes of games. The bigger problem is how much the league and the officials steer game outcomes to their liking and that hasn't changed. Tim Donaghy took advantage of the NBAs overt bias but nothing was done to eliminate the bias itself. This story pins everything on Tim but the problem is much larger than that. Read Tim's book and judge for yourself.

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