Jalen Rose on Giannis Antetokounmpo: -250 to win MVP (favorite) & Latest NBA News | March 26, 2019

Jalen Rose on Giannis Antetokounmpo: -250 to win MVP (favorite) & Latest NBA News | March 26, 2019


  1. Just a question, If a team plays with Bucks and Antetokounmpo is not playing how much relief would you feel as the opponent team? Ok, the same goes with Harden, but if Harden does not play then his 30 shot attempts per game with 40% efficiency would be executed by Rocket's other players while in Bucks their whole system is destroyed.
    Also if Yannis would be needed to play for 40+ mins per game for his team to win then he would also have 30+ points per game at least. He shouldn't be punished because he is more efficient and needs to play only 30 mins per game forhis team to win

  2. Imagine if at the end of the season (instead of just looking at the wins) people voted for which team they think should be champions… and they voted for the team who had more close call games won at the buzzer and such, and not the team that had the most wins simply because all their wins were clinical. What kind of BS argument is that?

  3. This really is a tough choice. I thought Giannis was the frontrunner for most of the season but Harden caught up and is now in the lead….Giannis is having a fantastic season….BUT that 40pt scoring streak, dropping 30 on EVERY other team….which by the way took the rockets from the lottery to a home-court team….AND not to mention the troubles at the beginning of the season (the Carmelo experiment) and all the injury woes (CP3, Capela, Gordon all missed an extended no. of games)….those 58pts against memphis and the ultra-CLUTCH 61 pts against the Spurs was the dagger….

  4. Let's see:
    Harden leads in Points, Assists and Steals
    Giannis leads in Rebounds, Blocks, Efficiency, Defence and last but not least NBA LEAGUE. (#1 Seed in NBA vs #3 West)
    Also Harden plays more minutes, has more attempts, worst efg%, and well FTs.

  5. Stupid dumb arguement by Japen. Giannis is the frontrunner DPOY and has a PER of 31 atm which is an isnane offensive stat. He is the MVP now, not far ahead, but he is the MVP

  6. The MVP is Giannis. Harden game is like LBJ..incomplete.
    If Steph Curry decided to shoot 30+ shots he’d have crazier stats too but it’s a team game that involves defense and winning, making teammates better along the way.
    Having the ball in your hand to start and end every possession isn’t how I’d define most valuable player. Just my opinion

  7. Giannis should be the MVP. MVP should always go to the best player, on a team who has the best record. That shows that this player is not only focused on his play but, also focused on making the team better. Harden, like LeBron is a great player but, they do not make their teams better. Giannis is best all around player.

  8. Giannis got Bledsoe paid. Middleton, Lopez and Brogdon are all about to get paid as well. Coach Bud may get Coach of the Year. Their towel boy has been doing big things and those folks at the concession stands are prompt with their work. Giannis changed the culture in Milwaukee…now everyone is on their A game. He's the real MVP

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