James Harden’s 'hero ball' won't work for the Rockets in the playoffs – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby predict how James Harden’s scoring tantrums in the 2018-19 NBA regular season will translate into the postseason for the Houston Rockets.

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  1. Jalen's always hating and never pulls for the Rockets. He undercut Mario Elie on a break which caused him to break his wrist.

  2. Harden literally kept them in the game to force OT and scored all the points in OT because the team couldn't buy a bucket. The Team failed him last night. Harden's shots have actually come down in their recent run of games so he's playing more team ball. Last night wasn't HERO ball. He was just trying to win SMH. If his team could just make timely shots in the clutch then maybe he won't need to assume the Hero role.

  3. It took Conley and Jonas to each drop 35 a piece and a bullshit call to win. If you watch the game Harden made MULTIPLE clutch plays.

  4. Why won't they talk about the Thunder being in the 8th seed with PG and Russ avergaing a triple double. Their style won't work.

  5. I respect Jalen and he's one of if not my favorite analyst.. but quit talking about the playoffs all the damn time and respect what Harden is doing because it NOT the playoffs right NOW, so respect and enjoy

  6. Post Season James Harden!!! (will be Spent). Michael Jordan could always Play Hero ball. It was Other Players on his team that were Not Scrubs!🤷🏿‍♂️😅😅😅

  7. It worked last year. . . . . .until he lost his second best player . . . .. . . . the rockets lost the game on a bullshit call.

  8. I am NOT impressed by STATS…or AVERAGES. I am impressed by RINGS. If all of Harden's offense don't lead to a ring….then FUCK his stats and averages. Get at me, haters.

  9. Well…if HERO ball took Houston to a game 7 against GSW…..then why couldn't HERO ball win the game ??? Meditate on that.

  10. I mean…we get it : HARDEN CAN SCORE HIS ASS OFF. That's nice. But has he ever WON ANYTHING doing that ??? What's the point in talking about his STATS when he ain't never won shit ??? CP3 either. Just saying.

  11. My question is : if Harden is putting up these big numbers to keep his team in games….WHAT THE FUCK IS CP3 DOING ??? What happened to CP3 against Memphis ??? U mean to tell me he disappeared ???? LOL

  12. Yall act like he scored 57 points and choked away the game. Capela literally choked and cant get a rebound to save his life. Whenever rockets loses yall go crazy with your stupid debates, and when they win yall keep eating their dicks.

  13. why does this guy keep yelling "57 POINTS!" as if it was 81 and something he's never seen before? Calm tf down, he had a good scoring night, cool.

  14. D'Antoni's system when Steve Nash was running it had much more off the ball movement, because not only was Steve looking to pass, he had good enough court vision to see off the ball movement and find cutters or shooters using off ball screens, and that's why the Suns were frequently leading or near the top of the league in team assists. James Harden when he runs the system is not looking to pass except possibly to the "roll" guy in the pick and roll or a guy standing at the 3 pt line, and those guys don't move off the ball because Harden doesn't have good enough court vision to see all the off the ball movement. He'll still often get a lot of assists himself since he has the ball in his hands all the time which means he has the opportunity to score or assist every single time, but it doesn't allow the system to run the same way. That's why the Rockets are at the bottom of the league in team assists and near the bottom of the league in passes/game (only Westbrook's Thunder has less passes/game).

  15. why do people be around the bush?? If Harden was playing with the lakers or the warriors or Boston he wouldn’t have shit to say about harden. Just say you don’t want Houston to win shit, just say it haten ass jalen.

  16. Lakers & Rockets both lost to Memphis but everyone piles on LeBron but not Harden? 😂 that lets me know ppl truly like LeBron more than they hate him

  17. It doesnt need 2 work in da playoffs as long as cp3, capela & gordan hold their own.. the rockets will b fine come playoffs.. they mite win it all..

  18. 57 points…… and lost to a trash Grizzlies team smh 🤦🏽‍♂️…. besides I've been saying this since that streak of scoring 30 + points per game started and ended…. once the playoffs start, teams are going to be prepared for him defensively and make him more of a distributor, rather than a streaky scorer… just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️

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