Klay Thompson: Warriors' loss to Magic, 2-game skid 'isn't the end of the world' | NBA on ESPN

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Steph Curry and Klay Thompson speak to the media following the Golden State Warriors getting swept on a road trip in Florida, falling to the Orlando Magic 103-96. Thompson shakes off the Dubs’ getting swept in Florida, saying “it isn’t the end of the world.” Like Thompson, Curry agrees how the offense became stagnant down the stretch and takes responsibility for missing good looks in the fourth quarter.

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  1. I feel like they are losing games on purpose to save themselves for the playoffs…. they like fcuk the 1 seed…

  2. The look in the thumbnail says it all, Curry think the regular season is a joke, and Klay looking like “y’all must me dumb af if you think we not about to 3peat” 😂

  3. We All Failure At Something Like Basketball And Other Sports We All Play We All Learned How To Failure By Doing Sports

  4. This is what happens when you let KD be the primary shot maker in 4th. Curry needs to step up and share some of that "load", can't expect KD to stay here forever

  5. That’s the difference during interviews with Kyrie and Steph. Pound for pound Kyrie May be more talented. But as for as leadership especially during times like this…there’s no comparison

  6. Warriors and Celtics are doing the same thing dropping there playpff seating im sure the warriors dont wamna play the Lakers in the first round just as much as the Celtics dont wanna play the sixers 💯💯💯

  7. I hate the Warriors. But I will say this. The average fan doesn't realize every single team plays like their in the finals when up against them all season. You cant be under .500 and take beating the Warriors as an accomplishment.

  8. He says it's not the end of the world, yet he's so tense and looks fed up, annoyed…
    I love how people pretend there aren't some of us out there reading their body language like a book, psychologically.

  9. No hater but you warrior dick riders kill me when lebron fans say he dnt care about regular season yall go in and when he lose or lose to sorry ass teams yall really hate so where the hate at with this superstar squad boogie kd curry clay green damn cant be no excuses to many players greatest team ever right

  10. Durant and curry better then lebron yeahh okay in my soulja boy voice all you warrior fans enjoy yall shit coming to a end yall better start begging kd now because yall already fucked yall see it but mannn kd leave yall asses done and know it facts king james out had to get kd to beat me lmao but im not the best player in the world we will see watch out for the bucks and raptors n celtics n sixers n lakers no 3peat no bench key words bench its hard to win when its 5 on 5 not curry kd klay green vs lebron now add boogie pathetic

  11. Right now, all that matters is the first seed. Warriors have been to FOUR consecutive finals. The regular season can be a long, boring grind at times.

  12. The Warriors have gotten away from themselves…..
    They're letting Durant run the show there now…..
    They aren't playing the beautiful brand of basketball that they became know for, that beautiful brand of basketball that made them such a great team……
    They shouldn't be playing this "superstars run the show" basketball……
    They need to play Warriors basketball!
    It's like they don't even recognize it …..
    They're losing their identity….
    They aren't playing Warriors basketball, in which everyone touches the ball, in which the ball is constantly being passed around and guys are constantly moving without the ball to get open, and whoever is open is the one who gets the ball and gets the shot…..
    But that isn't the kind of basketball Durant wants to play…….
    Durant is adamant to feel like the big dog and have the rock in his hands, especially in crunch time……
    Durant has made so the Warriors have gotten away from themselves…….
    You can tell these guys aren't as happy as they used to be……

  13. Imagine being so good they don't care the lose games…their attitudes are almost like "this is so boring, when's the finals?!?"

  14. No biggie, warriors will win their last championship together , next season it will be ab entire different team.

  15. No excuse for loosen to that Orlando magic team , used to beat the warriors hell out of that team , 💯 🆗 😠😠😠

  16. It will be over when everyone leaves the bandwagon as soon as the Warriors are not relevant it happens all the time Lakers got next

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