Kyle Lowry Full Interview – Game 2 Preview | 2019 NBA Finals Media Availability

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Kyle Lowry Full Pregame Interview – Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors | June 1, 2019 NBA Finals Media Availability
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  1. Always remember some of these reporters are fans in position so they tend to ask star strucked questions lol

  2. Raptors

    1) create more offensive plays with ball
    And off the ball. Especially For shooters to get better shots off and score more.

    2) drive in the paint and draw fouls.
    And get the warriors in foul trouble

    3) rebound better second chance points

    4) be more agressive and if your going to foul ,then foul Them warriors hard.

    5) full and half court pressure take the warriors out of there comfort zone plays…

  3. What I like about his game is that he tries to penetrate on just about every play, which forces the other team to give up space for the rest of the team. He gets lots of layups. Most point guards are not true point guards anymore in the league. He looks usually to set up other teammates, then he looks for what the defense gives him. I was shocked that he scored so few points in game one. It seemed that he was more involved than what the box score indicates.

  4. I've in over fifty five years of watching sports have never seen such a bunch of arrogant cocky and once they finally see this team is better. They will result to less than sportsman like conduct.Pretty soon they will ask a guy they claim that he is a luxury not a need ! Too risk his career and save their dynasty!After this guy wins final MVP twice. They were hating on him!Thought their Golden boy Steph should have got it.That fact that Durant won it changed the whole narrative of this fairy tale. In this tale The Warriors forget that this team is just better.In every phase of the game.Self assured Cockiness cannot Trump reality.Tune In for part two of The Toronto Raptors Against The Arrogant,illusional,Golden Boys. ABC LiVE 800CT.

  5. I miss Kyle clowning around during these pressers. Seems ALL business since DeMar left. Keep having fun Kyle!

  6. Warriors are toast, even if they had another future HOFer. Jesus, how many HOFers does 1 team need? Apparently The Warriors need 5

  7. Hey fatboy, you are fouled out😂😂..not even worthy with ur poor performance. .
    Anyways, fouled out or not, its like you are invisible to ur team..

  8. Yooo …..nevermind your name…that what happens when you go on a 18 0 run lololo you dont see👁👁 comin…

  9. Don't worry Toronto raptors we are going to steal one on the road at Oracle Arena the next two games games 3 and game 4

  10. Urmenior is the type with no friends so he comments on every comment in a video desperate for friends.

  11. Raptors aren’t smart enough to take advantage of the injuries. When you jack up threes it’s very easy for them to defend you. Second time being fouled out. Be smart.

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