Kyle Lowry is an All-Star, but not a superstar – Paul Pierce | NBA Countdown

Chauncey Billups, Jalen Rose, Paul Pierce and Michelle Beadle analyze why Kyle Lowry struggles in the playoffs. Pierce believes people are expecting too much out of Kyle Lowry, as he’s a good player but doesn’t classify as a superstar.

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  1. Paul Pierce: "Kyle Lowry is an All-Star but not a superstar"

    Me: "Paul Pierce is a Hall of Famer but not an all-time great"

  2. The day Lowry get traded that's the day his career over!..I don't think he will do good on any other else's team..just like DeRozan!!

  3. 99% of the comment section clearly haven’t ever seen Kyle Lowry play. You don’t need him to score to be impactful. Scrappy defender, last night whenever a mismatch happened like when he was put on Tobias Harris, he got posted up but stopped him.Guy is a great player, so what if he is unable to score? He was still second in assists this year and is leading the league in charges. The only part where he “chokes”, is when he doesn’t shoot the ball well. How do you think he was a 5 time all star, the guy is good. Seriously you don’t need to score to be good and not everything comes up on the stat sheet. He has one of the highest plus minus in the playoffs, higher than Kawhi and Spicy P

  4. This Nigga been saying the dumbest Shit all year 😂😂😂😂😂 . Paul pierce shut up man please

  5. Honestly — relatively few guys are superstars. Fewer than 10. Unless, according to his detractors, you play with LeBron. Then you're automatically a mega-super-duper superstar, regardless of age, production, health, etc.

  6. The better question is whether Paul Pierce thinks he himself was a "superstar" (i.e., top 5-7 player in the league). He'll probably say, "Definitely."

  7. Most Everyone Knows That Lowry Is Not A Superstar…But Thanks Anyways “Truth” For Saying The Obvious.

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